Post – 24th May 2019 – C

24 May Post – 24th May 2019 – C

Post – 24th May 2019 – C


After about 10 days of silence Q is back.

Lets do a simple decode on a past post which Q reposted today:

So, as you can see this post was from 13 months ago but Q has decided to repost it again today just after Trump gave the order for DECLAS to the AG.

Q has added in the newer post today the words – UK/AUS assist/set up.

Hence Q is just telling us to focus on this.

I have very extensively blogged about Australia and UK’s involvement in the past, especially Five Eyes signals collections, because of how relevant it is to us, however I shall very briefly explain what this post means.

Essentially Q is saying that Barrack Hussein Obama used Five Eyes to circumvent laws in all countries.

In other words if the US wanted someone to spy on someone in the US, then it would get the UK to do it and no laws would be broken. Similarly this occurs for all five countries. They can all spy on anyone in their own country by using one of the other countries to do it – plausible deniability.

So Australia assisted by using Alexander Downer to extract ‘Clinton Dirt’ from Papadopoulos. This disinfo was inserted by Mifsud as a set-up. The material enabled the FISA Court to garner spying warrants, which became public. The Steele Dossier was also public. The UK set up Trump Junior by inserting Natalia Veselnitskaya (RUS decoy) into Trump Tower to provide a context of Russian Collusion.

The UK/AUS spied on Trump and his campaign insertions/associates via Five Eyes for so-called “National Security’ and funnelled the results to Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper in the White House Situation Room as an operation every day.

Obviously Q is saying by reposting this that the above information will come out in the DECLAS very soon.

Pretty easy isn’t it.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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