Post – 22nd May 2019

22 May Post – 22nd May 2019

Post – 22nd May 2019


Over the next month or two the intricate details of Spygate will be exposed.

The Foundation for taking down the Deep State will be these Spygate crimes against Trump.

There will be many indictments and subsequent high level arrests.

These crimes will set the stage for further exposure to ALL the myriad Deep State criminal activities outlined by QAnon.

It is necessary to cripple the Deep State/MSM with the evidence of Spygate so that resistance to investigations and prosecutions of ALL crimes can be overcome.

As the information in the timeline of Spygate is complex, I shall do my best to simplify it with a step-by-step ‘SPYGATE FOR DUMMIES’. It will help when all of this becomes public very soon.

In short, the HAMMER was a spying operation which ran until 18th April 2016 when it was stopped by Admiral Rogers, a Patriot.

After this point CROSSFIRE HURRICANE (July 16′) was enacted by the Deep State to be an INSURANCE POLICY and cover-up the spying.

On 20th March 2017 Robert Mueller began the fraudulent MUELLER INVESTIGATION in an attempt to impeach President Trump and obfuscate Spygate.

At the end of this synopsis I hope that readers will grasp the gravity of these historic events.

So here goes:

1. Soon after Obama was elected in 2008 he instructed the CIA Director, John Brennan and the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper to create the HAMMER – also called Operation Hammer or codename HAMR. HAMR was an FBI/CIA/NSA surveillance operated system which collected data on any targeted individual required.

Dennis Montgomery was the computer whiz who invented the software and implemented the HAMR technology. He would later turn whistleblower. HAMR would throw plugins at targeted individuals computers and smartphones and send the data back to a supercomputer. Robert Mueller, FBI Head supplied the computers and they were installed at Fort Washington, Maryland.

2. At some point perhaps several years ago, the Q Team became aware of the illegal Deep State spying of Americans by the HAMR.

3. In 2013 Admiral Rogers became the NSA Head. The NSA is in general a Military component of signals collection and is therefore less corruptible than the FBI/CIA. Hence the FBI/CIA continued to run HAMR, whilst the NSA distanced itself from the spying.

4. In June 2013, Edward Snowden released classified NSA documents to Journalists. He was a CIA Deep State spy who infiltrated the NSA in order to destroy it. The documents revealed Five Eyes spying and surveillance. He wanted the Deep State CIA to control HAMR and have the Patriot NSA broken up so it could not compete and expose HAMR. He was never sought by Clinton because she knew he was Deep State.

5. Obama/Brennan/Clapper/Clinton used HAMR to illegally blackmail all and sundry and engage in pay-to-play criminal activities. Politicians in Congress, Judges, Police, Lawyers, Businessmen and Government Bureaucrats were all compromised by total spectrum surveillance.

6. Trump announced his candidacy to run for President on June 16th 2015 in NY.

7. In August 2015 Montgomery handed to James Comey, FBI Head, 47 hard drives and 600 million pages of data from Obama’s HAMR – the ‘whistleblower tapes’.

8. In November 2015 US Judge Murray Snow released the tapes publically due to a civil case involving a local Sheriff. One of the tapes showed Trump was wiretapped ‘a zillion times’.

9. On 18th April 2016 Admiral Rogers, NSA Head shut down the contractor access to the HAMR. Q told us in Jan 2018 (Post 643) that their were four contractors accessing HAMR in a SCIF. The Deep State lost their ability to engage in surveillance apart from using Five Eyes.

10. CROSSFIRE HURRICANE officially began on 31st July 2016. CH was an operation which invented the Russian Collusion Hoax to enable spying on Trump and also provide a cover-up if Trump won the election and exposed the spying of HAMR.

PROJECT FULSOME was the mechanism whereby the spying could occur using Five Eyes. The UK with assistance from Australia provided the spying intel on Trump and gave it to Obama/Clinton. It provided a validation for spying as well by using the FISA Court. Furthermore CH provided false propaganda that Trump was a stooge of Russia in order to impact the election for Clinton. This Hoax has continued unabated 24/7/365 ever since by the corrupt Deep State MSM.

11. The Steele Dossier was a fake document compiled by the FBI and MI6. It was paid for by Clinton using Fusion GPS. It was the main component of CH. Mifsud, an FBI agent, paid by Clinton, fed contrived Deep State intel about so-called ‘dirt’ on Clinton to Papadopoulos and it was extracted by Alexander Downer (Hakaluyt) and given back to the Deep State for FISA Court fraud.

12. In June 2016 Clinton and the DNC blamed Russia for hacking their server and giving the data via Guccifer 2.0 to Wikileaks. In fact it was an inside job by Seth Rich who was disgruntled that Clinton cheated Bernie Sanders of the Democrat nomination by voter fraud and stealing debate questions. William Binney, former NSA, proved that the hack was actually a manual thumbdrive leak and impossible to be done by Russia. The MSM has ignored this fact as the Mueller Investigation was predicated on Guccifer 2.0 being the hacker for Russia. Guccifer 2.0 is a fraud. Assange can also prove that Seth Rich was the leak. Ditto Kim Dotcom. Hence the MSM vilifies Assange and Kim.

13. Mother Jones, a Deep State CIA screed, reported the Steele Dossier (Pissgate) one week before the election to smear Trump.

14. On 8th November 2016 Trump defeated Clinton despite Deep State voter fraud.

15. Buzzfeed, a Deep State CIA screed, published the full Steele Dossier despite it being completely unverified.

16. On 20th January 2017 Trump was sworn in as POTUS.

17. Q tells us that Admiral Rogers secretly visited President Trump around the time of his inauguration. The next day Trump moved out of Trump Tower.

18. On 4th March 2017, Trump tweeted that Obama had been wiretapping him in Trump Tower.

19. On March 7th 2017 Wikileaks dumped the Vault 7 CIA documents which confirmed HAMR. The MSM obfuscated it.

20. In March 2017 the Deep State MSM began a Psyop to characterise President Trump as being Psychotic and anyone who supported him.

All MSM demanded impeachment secondary to him being ‘crazy’ and ‘unfit’. He was forced to do a mini-mental state examination by his physician.

This obviously fraudulent disnfo characterisation of psychosis for President Trump has enabled the Deep State to bankrupt me and remove my right to practice medicine. Many Deep State Psychiatrists in America and even some organisations supported the corrupt diagnosis made with no evidence at all.

21. On March 19th 2017, General McInerney and Admiral Lyons, outed the whistleblower tapes on Dr Dave Janda’s radio show. I discussed Dr Janda last year, he is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Patriot from Ann Arbor, Michigan. This was a deliberate public broadcasting of the illegal Operation HAMMER (HAMR).

The Deep State became apoplectic.

22. Hours after Dr Janda’s radio show, Stzrok and Page at the FBI, began sending encrypted emails mentioning that the HAMR had been exposed.

Stzrok lead the FBI investigation into the illegal Clinton server, which was deliberately left open so the Chinese could hack it and obtain SAP (Special Access Program’s including design plans for Military Aircraft). The Clinton Foundation got kickbacks for these pay-to-play classified information hacks. 15 American Chinese CIA assets in China were outed and eliminated due to the open Clinton server.

Stzrok informed Comey of the exposure of HAMR.

23. The following day on March 20th 2017, James Comey announced a formal probe into Russia-Trump collusion using a special counsel – the Mueller Investigation. The members of the SC were all taken from the investigators who covered up the whistleblowing by Montgomery of HAMR. The purpose of the fraudulent Mueller Investigation was to garner impeachment by falsifying evidence and obfuscate HAMR.

Comey lied to Congress that President Trump had been under surveillance because he was aware of Montgomery’s evidence.

24. Fast forward to April 2019. The FISA Court has communicated with the DOJ that Trump has been spied upon for four years in order to subvert two elections – 2016/18 and also to instigate a coup d’état.

25. William Barr informs Congress there was spying and he will find out if there was a legal predicate.

An avalanche of legal evidence is being dumped as we speak exposing all of the above Spygate crimes.

Prosecutions by Huber and Durham will occur. Indictments will be unsealed.



Then ALL Deep State crimes outlined by QAnon will be investigated.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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