Post – 21st May 2019

21 May Post – 21st May 2019

Post – 21st May 2019


There are so many signs that DECLAS is coming very soon.

Over in the UK, the Telegraph did a propaganda piece today written to deflect what is about to hit.

The Deep State never gives up and will fight to the end. Hence it is no surprise that the UK is trying to get out in front of the news.

There were three points that were being telegraphed by the Telegraph.

Firstly, they finally admitted that MI6 knew about the Steele Dossier BEFORE President Trump. The reason they knew about it was because they INVENTED it. They did not divulge this of course.

Secondly, they said that MI6 didn’t tell Teresa May about it. They claimed the non-disclosure was a complete mystery as it went against protocol.

Thirdly, they said that the fraudulent Dossier was believed to have some inherent truth to it.

All these points are BS. The UK is royally f’ed.

Obviously they are trying to shield May. Once DECLAS hits the fan she will beg innocence and throw her spooks under the bus. This article is attempting to limit political culpability. Period.

What will need to be answered, is how a nobody like me, can work out spygate in January 2018, whilst she hasn’t to date. This is clearly an idiotic position, but it is all she has. Fleet Street will run cover for her at all costs.

So what material will come out?

The main incriminating material will come from evidence entailing Operation Hammer, Project Fulsome, FISA Court fraud, the Horrowitz OIG Report, Doug Collins transcripts, Trey Gowdy transcripts, 302’s, Page/Strzok texts, Grand Jury Conclusions, Stone/Corsi/Flynn Trials, Indictments, Huber/Durham/Fitton and the Comey Memo etc etc etc.

Later the Clinton classified email scandal with her attempts to destroy evidence together with selling military technology to China will be revealed. The other Clinton crimes which I have outlined previously will also come out in time  – eg: Benghazi, Uranium One, Iran Cash, Haiti, Clinton Foundation corruption, Tarmac meeting, Seth Rich etc etc etc.

In the last few days Comey, Lynch and Brennan have started blaming each other. Eventually they will point to Obama. All committed Perjury.

Word on the street is that Brennan will get arrested first for optics. He is a central figure and disliked by the public – so an easy start. Makes sense, but it could just be disinfo to distract for operational reasons.

Interestingly Killary tweeted yesterday how torture to inmates in prison is wrong. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Anyways President Trump said again at the Pennsylvania Rally last night that he was spied upon.

Once more he said it was treason.

The fireworks will start soon.

The [UK] and [Australia] are in the killbox.

I hope my FOIA is allowed to expose the truth about our role in Spygate.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor







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