Post – 19th May 2019

19 May Post – 19th May 2019

Post – 19th May 2019


What is the big picture – at 40,000 feet?

This was no ‘surprise victory’.

The Deep State always manipulates polling numbers leading up to elections here and abroad. They have done this since push polling started decades ago. The purpose is to suppress votes by suggesting the result is a forgone conclusion for the Deep State Party/Candidate. It’s a psychological tactic which works by demoralisation and complacency.

Trouble is people around the world have woken up to it and don’t trust pollsters anymore. The advantage has lessened.

No question the Deep State was rallying for Labor. They own both sides, but this was not just another ordinary UniParty election, where the same policies would be enforced no matter who won.

Remember its the Alliance vs the Deep State now. The Deep State has lost their totalitarian control and a real game is at play.

Did you notice that all of the propaganda surrounding the reasons for the Liberal win didn’t include a discussion of the geopolitical war taking place?

All around the world there is a surge toward Alliance/Patriotic Parties and away from the traditional Deep State structures. As an example Italy just turned in its recent election and is now telling Germany and the EU where to go. Brexit/Brazil same same.

The reason for the Liberal win was down to the Trump phenomenon. Australians want a piece of Trump, or at least a growing proportion do.

If you look at the numbers both Labor and Liberal leaked to Clive Palmer (the Trump look-alike). The Palmer votes then mostly flowed back to the Liberals and this turned the election. Full stop. It was the Trump effect again. Subtle but telling.

The Deep State clearly mobilised all their assets against the Liberals. The Liberals fought with the Murdoch Press. That was the fight.

Now for those who are woke it is a well known assumption that Rupert has been flipped. Historically he is pure Deep State but for some reason he has allowed fair comment for four years now. No one knows why. Indeed FOX has been the only partially Trump aligned MSM asset in the US at all – specifically Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Maria Bartiromo and Judge Jeanine. The other half of FOX is Deep State.

So the Liberals were up against it and still won. Again, it’s the Trump effect. Period.

I watched the ABC election night by livestream. It felt like a funeral in progress.

Anyways what does it all mean?

The Liberal win means Trump has TOTAL leverage on Australia. Leverage is what Trump likes best. He uses it and plays the long game.

Remember all of those top career Liberals resigning ostensibly for no reason whatsoever?

They were cleaned out. Simple.

They had to be; because FISA, the OIG Report and Project FULSOME/HAMMER will destroy the complicit Liberals. Trump will expose the UK spying on him and the cooperation of Australia, Germany, France and Italy. Then watch for the fun and games – BIG TIME.

If Labor had won, then that leverage would be less pronounced, because they only covered it up and didn’t partake in it.

So the future boils down to Morrison, pure and simple.

I believe Trump flipped him during their meeting. Basically Trump told him, either you admit the whole thing when it comes out, or I will sanction your country to rubble.

Shorten may have resisted (he is pure Deep State) – with grave consequences for the Australian People.

There will be a backlash against the Liberals but Morrison may be seen as the honest broker.

The government may fall, however this will depend upon whether Morrison makes the case that Labor is also Deep State.

To be sure, Labor/Greens are more Deep State than the Liberals, but it is a small difference.

I wrote a letter to Morrison appealing to his Christian beliefs last year in advance of this very occasion. It is also on my blog. I hope he read it.

I hope he admits the crimes committed by our Government against the American People. It would be the best outcome because Trump’s wrath is certain otherwise.

Great that Abbott went down. Couldn’t of happened to a nicer #%@&!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor









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