Post – 18th May 2019

18 May Post – 18th May 2019


Post – 18th May 2019

The Plan To Save The World

The cognitive dissonance associated with confronting the reality of how the world really works will be very tough for the newbies/normies reading my blogs.

Hence I have decided to repost a video from almost one year ago below.

It is difficult to catch up on 18 months of Q posts without some background to get into the evidence so this video will help.

Please expand your thinking and put aside personal political animosity. You will need to understand this moving forward. It can’t be ignored.

The video outlines the worldwide shadow war between the white hats/Alliance and the black hats/Deep State. It was still raging at this point one year ago.

Rest assured we have now won. Patriots in the US Military and keyboard warriors worldwide have fought with every last breath. We have confronted and demoralised them on all internet platforms until they flipped or exposed themselves. The pressure we exerted led to mistakes. The US Military directed us and we took up the fight.

We have total control. The war is over.

Trump was picked to run as President because he was an outsider and was not compromised in any way by the Cabal. The Alliance has played the long game and has methodically taken down all logistical assets. The Deep State only has their worldwide controlled fake MSM, which is about to be fully exposed, humiliated and eradicated. The people of the world will slowly see how propaganda has been used against them and that the MSM is entirely discredited.

President Trump is now gradually revealing the crimes which are to be laid bare (from twitter today):

“My Campaign for President was conclusively spied on. Nothing like this has ever happened in American Politics. A really bad situation. TREASON means long jail sentences, and this was TREASON!”

The MSM is panicked. Treason means the chair or noose – unless a plea bargain is brokered. They can only kill this with silence until the FISA DECLAS and OIG Report are released. Then all hell will break loose in DC.

Progressives became complacent and used feelings and emotions to attack. The MSM drove this narrative. Conservatives researched and garnered evidence of crimes. An evidence-base so to speak. When the truth arrives there will be a reckoning. Those with an ego, who are easiest to brainwash, will be humbled.

The video downplays Q.

QAnon has been the most complex, sophisticated and powerful dissemination of Military Intelligence in history. Those of us who understand the political concepts are bewildered by the shear planning and tactics involved.

Q is not finished. Q was an integral part of the battle. It will now however be used for education rather than as a weapon.

Due to Q; there is now a significant proportion of society that understands how the control systems work and what needs to be done to dismantle them. In a sense we have researched until we can see through and understand how the Deep State functions. The information/knowledge is out and can never be boxed in again. The Alliance wants The People to take control because that is where freedom truly resides.

It will be a long journey for you to catch up, potentially years of study, but it will happen.

We have just lived through the greatest political changes in history outside wartime (or arguably ever).

True, we still must bring down the Deep State here in Australia but it will not be able to hold out.

Our work will be tough but we will win.

USA, Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia VS

UK, Australia, Germany, France and NZ is not a viable proxy war.

And France is barely functioning.

Military Gaming shows the Deep State is finished.

Its over.

Here is a 13 minute introduction which will get you red-pilled into how the world really (has) worked.

Good vs Evil.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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