Post – 17th May 2019 – B

17 May Post – 17th May 2019 – B

Post – 17th May 2019 – B






Did you know the Council has removed the Right to Practice Medicine from Dr McGregor, in March 2018, leading to the foreclosure of his medium-sized Medical Practice employing ten people and hence causing subsequent personal bankruptcy?

Did you know the Council is now prosecuting Dr McGregor for permanent full medical deregistration due to his political support of President Trump and research into QAnon?

The anonymous ‘complaint’ instigating said actions was made verbally in January 2018 by a person representing the Pharmaceutical Regulation Unit (PGU) hours after Dr McGregor’s first legal post as an Independent Blogger/Journalist. This person made no complaint about any specific content except that it represented “Patriotism in Australia”. No other complaint has been made despite over 200 blog posts written to date.

The Council has justified prosecution entirely predicated upon a finding that QAnon is a “paranoid conspiracy” and therefore Dr McGregor’s support for research into QAnon is psychotic/impaired.

What is QAnon?

The highest levels of US Military Intelligence have been disseminating material information, since October 2017, via the acronym QAnon for citizen research, compiled on the last bastion of free speech in the world – the 8chan boards (now banned in Australia).

This information has been used by President Trump to bypass the hostile MSM and expose the greatest political scandal in history. The association between QAnon and President Trump is mathematically certain and provable by applying probability theory to the time intervals (delta) between QAnon posts and POTUS tweets.

What themes are incorporated in QAnon?

I have outlined in detail my decodes from QAnon, since January 2018, which communicate a vast array of crimes committed by the Deep State. I have also blogged extensively from this date on the core aspects of QAnon which involve FISAgate, Spygate and Indictments.

Essentially the Deep State has attempted a coup d’etat against President Trump and formulated a Russian Collusion Hoax to distract.

Treason and sedition have occurred by numerous elite US politicians and rogue intelligence agency assets whilst spying upon the Trump Campaign and subsequent POTUS. These covert and illegal operations have extended into the wider community as well. The material evidence provided by QAnon is overwhelming. Arrests will ensue and shall reach to the top of the Obama administration.

Importantly, Australia has assisted the UK Government in spying upon President Trump using the Five Eyes signal tapping capabilities of Pine Gap and Geraldton. This complicity with Westminster and GCHQ by elite Liberal Party politicians and Australian Intelligence/DOD, is an ‘Act of War’ by an ‘Enemy Combatant’ against the People of the United States of America, perpetrated by subverting the democratic processes of a US election.

Similarly, Australia has been complicit in this coup d’état by using Alexander Downer in his High Commissioner role, as an intelligence asset (Hakluyt/MI6/ASIO), to extract fraudulent disinformation from George Papadopoulos (which was inserted by the FBI/CIA/MI6).

As I have stated since January 2018 – FISA Declas by POTUS will be key.

Pay-to-play crimes by the Clinton Foundation will also be exposed. Pertinent to Australia are the millions squandered via taxpayers to this criminal entity.

The framing of Julian Assange by the Australian Government due to his knowledge of Deep State crimes is also troubling. He has material information relevant to the so-called ‘DNC hack’ (download speeds) which is being suppressed.

Many other allied investigations are actively under multiple Grand Jury Trials in the US.

What can you do?

The NSW Government does not have the moral right to deregister a Medical Practitioner for whistleblower activities against their political narrative.

You have two options as a Psychiatrist and colleague of Dr McGregor:

A) Do nothing

B) Write – (as an example)

To The Medical Council of NSW,

45 Campbell Drive,


I am concerned that the ‘Political Abuse of Psychiatry’ is being weaponised against Dr Russell McGregor, a RANZCP colleague, in an attempt to censor his research/free speech rights and to deregister.

Yours Sincerely,



Dr Russell McGregor


8th May 2019


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