Post – 17th May 2019 – A

17 May Post – 17th May 2019 – A

Post – 17th May 2019 – A


To my Colleagues – thank you for reading this message and accessing my blog.

I understand the bothersome nature of my leaflet handout in Cairns this week and appreciate your time taken to delve into my predicament.

My reasoning for taking these unprecedented steps are threefold:

1. To make Fellows cognisant of how Psychiatry is being used against someone, who is clearly well, in order to silence important political opinion.

2. A potential hope that a stranger may volunteer to perform a Psychiatric Assessment which would prevent the Medical Council of NSW from prosecuting deregistration. That is, from a QAnon aware colleague.

3. To disseminate a ‘heads up’ on QAnon research, which will not only help Psychiatrists understand how the world really works, but also give a frame or preparation for the avalanche of upcoming political upheavals which will soon impact their patients.

As we know, our cadre are caring souls. We tend to be rather sterling individuals and very accompanying. It is precisely because of these qualities that I am somewhat disappointed in myself.

The feedback I got was not exactly what I was expecting.

I knew some Psychiatrists would be aware of Q and fully understand the gravity and authenticity of the information provided. However what I was not prepared for was the ‘fear’. The meticulous detailed knowledge of Q was very evident. The study with family members was also very much apparent. Yet, the ‘fear’ of open discussion and career consequences prevailed.

For this reason, I could not and will not place my colleagues in such an exposed situation. I cannot morally do otherwise as I have felt the unmitigating hell that my family has been through. This is the nature of the beast when politics and Psychiatry are mixed. It is why the two ought never be entangled.

Hence I will need to take the hit and provide no Psychiatric Report to counter the finding that QAnon is a “paranoid conspiracy”. It is what it is. My only chance is to wait for the Overton Window to move toward Q.

To the ladies who stated words to the effect of “you deserved what you got for supporting Trump” – I hope you earnestly reflect.

To my friends who offered genuine heartfelt warmth and sympathy, I am so very grateful.

Many of you will be aware that the police interrogated me on the footpath whilst I was handing out leaflets. You may not know that it was very senior RANZCP staff whom called the police and demanded that I be stopped because they did not agree with the content of my leaflets. Fortunately the police strongly disagreed with RANZCP and upheld my lawful right to distribute.

My overall experience in this ordeal is that the people whom have caused me harm have ranged in a continuum from pathological ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ to likely Deep State aligned assets with malicious intent. I believe RANZCP’s actions were the former.

I understand that my endeavour will mount a plethora of ethical conundrums. My view is obviously that transparency is the appropriate and only way to tackle the ‘Political Abuse of Psychiatry’. Thus I give full permission to anyone wishing to discuss my case at Grand Rounds, Journal Club, Team meetings etc. Some may consider that I enjoy controversy, I do not.

No doubt the research required to understand QAnon is immense. As such I have posted previously about how to access the banned information. In particular I have advised how to spoof your IP address by a proxy or VPN to get to the source and interact with the 8chan boards.

However to get normies started; the best way is to go to the Q post amalgamation site –

If you wish to fill in the gaps then a 2000+ page scribd document is here:

If you require a red-pilling prior to spending time researching the greatest political intelligence dissemination in history then watch out for the following:

Q Post 3327 –

GCHQ Chief Robert Hannigan Quits

Soon To Be A Household Name.


In other words if Robert Hannigan hits the news in a big way soon then you know the MSM and Politicians have lied to you. Similarly if you feel the upcoming OIG Report and FISA Declas have major worldwide political ramifications then its time to seriously look at Q.

Below is a letter that multiple Australian MSM organisations and Politicians refuse to acknowledge receipt of. Read it carefully and understand why it needs to be suppressed. It is also an easy way to dive in and be red-pilled once evidence is released.

Thank you,

Dr Russell McGregor

Where we go one we go all (WWG1WGA)


PS – my next post will contain the leaflet handout





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