Post – 8th May 2019

08 May Post – 8th May 2019

Post – 8th May 2019

Project HAMMER

Ever wondered why Q keeps referring to Patriots dropping the hammer?

I’ve even mentioned it a few times myself.

Neglectfully though I have not detailed the true meaning of this Q’ism in the past though.

However I shall now because…

Well…..we are getting very close to finding out all about the HAMMER. Very close.

I first heard about it from Dr Dave Janda last year after briefly reading about it months earlier.

So let’s dive in.

Essentially the HAMMER was a private supercomputer spying network run by the Deep State to remove all potential opponents and industrialise corporate insider trades. Similar to Five Eyes.

It has been operating from the beginning of the Obama Presidency and only ceased in early 2017 when Trump took over.

It was authorised by Obama and run by Clapper and Brennan via a rogue Deep State CIA.

HAMMER collected data on millions of American’s and stored it for blackmail and pay-to-play purposes.

The signals collected were NSA-like including emails, phone calls, texts, photo’s, video’s, faxes, Skype, banking/credit card transactions, GPS tracking and internet browsing etc etc

Julian Assange leaked some of the capabilities via the famous Vault 7 leaks I have blogged about previously:

Little wonder the Deep State is pissed with Julian and Killary wanted him “droned”.

We will soon find out it wasn’t just President Trump and his campaign that was surveilled.

The Deep state also had Ted Cruz covered in case he became the Republican nominee.

They also tapped Supreme Court Justices, Judges, Politician’s, wealthy businessmen, Journo’s, Media Mogul’s and the Military etc etc.

In other words they had dirt on everyone and could even insert dirt if required to take out enemies. Total full spectrum Deep State domination/control of society.

Judge G. Murray Snow made the audio tapes of whistleblower Dennis Montgomery public in March 2017. No doubt Sessions has initiated Grand Juries as a consequence. Montgomery described how HAMMER spied on Chief Court Justice John Roberts, 156 Judges, Congressmen and Trump.

William Binney, Admiral James Lyons, Larry Johnson and Larry Klayman also gave similar testimony, to blow the lid on Project HAMMER.

So there you have the HAMMER.

What you haven’t heard about Project HAMMER from the MSM?

Strange, cause its a bit illegal.

Time to study a bit more Q.

So the FISA abuse was really an attempt to cover for Five Eyes (FULSOME) and the HAMMER.

They rushed it all and made mistakes. Oh and Killary lost. Shame.

Problem is, President Trump’s NSA now “has it all” as Q says.

Trump owns the HAMMER and he will bring IT DOWN!

Expect some Deep State cranial fractures.

Expect an apoplectic MSM.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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