Post – 6th May 2019 – C

06 May Post – 6th May 2019 – C

Post – 6th May 2019 – C


This completely unsubstantiated post has just gone up on 8chan. Info or disinfo?

It ostensibly outlines current House and Senate Lawmakers in a spot of trouble.

Obviously it doesn’t include all the three letter agency villains and past pollies but it has the obvious intention of freaking out the Deep State.

Much of it sounds plausible with up to date intel.

If it is a white hat posting, then the purpose is to ramp up pressure on the bad guys. Dudes – FISA works both ways and YOU are under surveillance.

My message to those media and semi-dirty Deep State assets here is:


OR they will rat out YOU first!

Any Australians reading this take note.

Why go down for someone else?

Be a true hero.

Time is NOT on your side.

Go to the AFP now.

The game is up!


“Panic Breeds Mistakes

{TS_AL} Cooperating [Terri Sewell Democrat Alabama – Cooperating]

[JS_CA] ES [Jackie Speier, Democrat, California – Electronic Surveillance]

[ES_CA] ES/SI [Eric Swalwell, Democrat, California – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

[AS_CA] ES/SI [Adam Schiff, Democrat, California – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

{JH_CT} Cooperating [Johanna Hayes, Democrat, Connecticut – Cooperating] OR Jim Himes, Democrat, Connecticut – Cooperating]

{VD_FL} Cooperating [Val Demmings, Democrat, Florida – Cooperating]

[MQ_IL] ES [Mike Quigley, Democrat, Illinois – Electronic Surveillance]

[RK_IL] ES [Raja Krishnamoorthi, Democrat, Illinois – Electronic Surveillance]

{AC_IN} Cooperating [Andre Carson, Democrat, Indiana – Cooperating]

[SM_NY] ES [Sean Maloney, Democrat, New York – Electronic Surveillance]

[JC_TX] ES/SI [John Cornyn OR John Carter, Republican, Texas OR Joaquin Castro, Democrat, Texas – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

{CS_UT} Cooperating/SI [Chris Stewart, Republican, Utah – Sealed Indictment]

[PW_VT] ES/SI [Peter Welch, Democrat, Vermont – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

[DH_WA] ES/SI [Denny Heck, Democrat, Washington – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

[MW_VA] ES/SI [Mark Warner, Democrat, Virginia – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

{CS_NY} Cooperating/SI [Chuck Schumer, Democrat, New York – Cooperating/Sealed Indictment]

{MB_CO} Cooperating/SI [Michael Bennet, Democrat, Colorado – Cooperating/Sealed Indictment]

[KH_CA] ES/SI [Kamala Harris, Democrat, California – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

[AK_ME] ES/SI [Angus King, Independent, Maine – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

{MH_NM} Cooperating [Martin Heinrich, Democrat, New Mexico – Cooperating]]

{RW_OR} Cooperating/SI [Ron Wyden, Democrat, Oregon – Cooperating/Sealed Indictment]

{DF_CA} Cooperating/SI [Diane Feinstein, Democrat, California – Cooperating/Sealed Indictment]

{JR_RI} Cooperating [John “Jack” Reed, Democrat Rhode Island – Cooperating]

[SC_ME] ES/SI [Susan Collins, Republican, Maine – Electronic Surveillance/Sealed Indictment]

{MR_FL} Cooperating/SI [Marco Rubio, Republican, Florida – Cooperating/Sealed Indictment]

BSK293_B738_manifest? [SEE IMAGE Miami Air International 293]

NGU_Chambers[GC]_We KNOW! [Norfolk Chambers Field Airport, Greg Craig, is/was Obama’s Lawyer (from Mueller Report)]

Game Over Trophy Time”


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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