Post – 6th May 2019 – B

06 May Post – 6th May 2019 – B

Post – 6th May 2019 – B


Lets talk about the big picture.

Those of you who have been following my blog for 16 months will know that the greatest political scandal in history is about to hit, but what will it all actually mean?

Ok, so the UK and Australia have colluded with rogue CIA/FBI operatives at the behest of Obama and Killary to attempt a coup d’état. Yeah, yeah we all know that…..been sayin Spygate and FISAgate since Jan 2018.

BUT, the intriguing recent happening IS the phone hook up between Putin and DJT.

Haven’t heard it anywhere else but my guess is they were discussing retribution and geopolitical rebalancing at the expense of the UK.

Think about what Russia has been through.

Russia has been blamed for interfering in the 2016 election, when indeed it was a framed counterintelligence action, by the UK Deep State and Demoncrats to invent said narrative. Russia is completely innocent and will be pristine clean when all the evidence is revealed. In fact it will be the Demoncrats who colluded with “Porkies” Ukraine. [HRC/Biden]

The Sergei Skripal hoax has also been blamed on Russia. Here the UK faked a poisoning to impose massive sanctions upon Russia. Fleet Street had 24/7 BS propaganda for six months straight last year and Australian ASIO-controlled MSM followed suit. It was all a charade. Skripal and his daughter were given fentanyl and then found by the Head Army Nurse in Britain on a bench in Salisbury. They were all in on it. He was a double-agent previously caught and sentenced in Russia. He came back to the UK on a prisoner swap. Their urine was spiked with Novichok from the weapons factory at Porton Down eight miles away. The media lied and lied. Skripal’s handler was Pablo Miller the MI6 agent. There is a D-Notice in Britain, which continues, where it is illegal to mention this. The Russian’s demanded a sample of the Novichok for analysis of manufacture to ascertain origin – the UK outright refused.

The UK was staging a false flag white helmet attack in Syria to also blame on Russia; so the Skripal FF had a duel purpose to camouflage this at the time.

However the main reason for the Skripal baloney was that Christopher Steele, the compiler of the fraudulent dossier to frame Trump was getting his made up ideas from Skripal. So Skripal had to be taken out as the whole edifice began to crumble. Hence the Skripal poisoning served three aims. As we know both he and his daughter made a full recovery, which is impossible if Novichok is used. However their whereabouts are completely unknown. Work that out.

Everyone in Russia knows the whole thing was a set-up by the UK. They actually have real news there. This is why RT was banned in the UK.

So what would you demand if you were Putin?

Obviously all sanctions will be lifted, but wouldn’t sanctions being imposed on the UK and all Deep State assets be fair?

I reckon so.

The question is what more will Putin demand of the UK? Reparations? Navy downsizing? Extraditions? Suing every Fleet Street propaganda trash rag?

It’s all on the table.

And what about us?

Obviously Alexander baby is toast.

So many others here are toast too. I won’t go through them again, but think recent pollie resignations and also spook top dogs to start.

Will Russia put sanctions on us? Will the US?

Interesting times.

As discussed months ago, my guess is that Putin and DJT will be targeting the culprits and not the everyday citizens.

However a cleaning of the Deep State will be part of the deal. They want the Deep State gone.

That means Brexit will be 100% completed, with the EU gutted, and the establishment here is in for a rough time (very rough).

Great times ahead when all the crimes are exposed.

As I have said for 16 months –  DECLAS!

Act I is over, time for Act II. Attack.

Patriots in total control.

MSM melting down.

Last thing. POTUS just tweeted that he wants Mueller NOT to testify. This means Mueller will – the MSM will demand it.

How will Mueller answer when he knew Crossfire Hurricane began? How about why Mifsud was made out to be a Russian agent when he was MI6/FBI? Or why Assange was never asked to give evidence about the alleged DNC hack?

Mueller will be humiliated.

Too much winning.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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