Post – 1st May 2019 – B

01 May Post – 1st May 2019 – B

Post – 1st May 2019 – B


Hate to say I told you so, but I did repeatedly; for over one year.

The only journalist in Australia to do so.

Remember when the MSM was yelling that Rod was their guy who would take down the evil Donald Trump for Russian Collusion? Remember when the MSM ordered all Americans to start a violent civil war if Rosenstein was sacked by President Trump?

How has it actually ended?

With a whimper and a subtle BOOM!

Yep, Rod quietly resigned voluntarily yesterday.


And right on time as predicted by Q Post 3315 on 19th April 2019:

Rod’s departure next?



The BOOM however was the CONTENT of his one page resignation letter.

Why on earth would Rod quote “General Robert Jackson” who was only famous for, wait for it….


So the second most powerful attorney at the Department of Justice, who has been involved in the greatest turbulence for generations in his tenure, quotes the biggest TREASON TRIALS IN HISTORY when he resigns.

Nothing to see here.

But here is the kicker to the Deep State. The last sentence.

“We keep the faith, we follow the RULES, and we put AMERICA FIRST“.

BOOM – Rod was always a white hat.

Hilarious. He has just stuck it to them big time.


For tactical reasons both Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein HAD to get out prior to the indictments which will soon hit. The reason is that they will need to give testimony against Deep State actors. They can not do that if they are supposed to be investigating them as well. Conflict of interest.

Yes, Rod signed off on one FISA, but he did so legally because he was aware the OIG was investigating the FISA warrant. He did it after the crimes were committed so as not to impede the ongoing investigation into the Deep state actors.

Rod Rosenstein to the IG with regard to the FISA – “I’m not the affiant. I’m reviewing the finished product, sir. If the Inspector General finds that I did something wrong then I’ll respect that judgement but I think it’s highly highly unlikely sir”.

The stage is now fully set. Everything can be revealed.

Historic times.

Oh, and remember you read it here.

The Australian MSM seems to have oddly have missed it….


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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