Post – 27th April 2019 – B

27 Apr Post – 27th April 2019 – B

Post – 27th April 2019 – B


‘The Plan’ has so many layers upon layers of intrigue.

Info and Disinfo. All calibrated and gamed for maximum effect. Years in the making.

Today, I will be discussing the Mueller Report and the probe in general and how it is an instrument of the US Military takedown of the Deep State.

What victories have the Deep State accrued in the Trump Presidency so far?

Manafort, Gates and Flynn.

That’s pretty much it.

All of these terrible people committed horrible crimes apparently.

Hmm….so what were these crimes?

Foreign lobbying for influence, policy and money.

Isn’t that interesting. The exact same crimes the Deep State has industrialised.

The MSM were baying for blood when these guys were being hammered by Mueller. They agreed any tactics used were fair and just.

Trouble is the Deep State has shouldered arms expecting a legspinner to pass harmlessly by, but have instead got a topspinner pitched in line and hitting middle half way up.

If you didn’t know that means – they are screwed. They thought Mueller was their guy but he flipped long ago.

The sting was vital to show the public that foreign lobbying is an act worthy of punishment and not just acceptable methods under globalist Marxist doctrine. A triple reverse Saul Alinsky with sugar on top.

By screaming so loud the MSM is impotent to the unmasking of all that is to come.

So what is coming?

Well, as Q says, we have it all.

FISA works both ways.

The NSA has all the evidence of widespread Demoncrat/Deep State cash for comment and pay to play scandals.

The Politician’s, MSM and lobbyists will all be implicated. The Clinton Foundation will be at the heart of all the crimes.

Put simply, a whole host of foreign entities have influenced Foreign Policy, Stock Markets and Trade. The sell out has been facilitated by the MSM OpEds and fakenews Journalists. It’s megabuck business. Obviously China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, UAE and Qatar have been at the forefront. It has only been possible due to the criminality of lawmakers and the MSM.

Manafort was injected into the campaign by the Deep State to be spied upon and then have him sacrificed if necessary. His lobbying without a FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) and money trail was outrageous according to the Deep State. Oops.

Flynn was caught in a purgery trap related to you guessed it, foreign influence. Hilarious. He took it for the team and will be exonerated in due course.

Trump is going to shut down the industry completely and expose the Deep State as well. The MSM will be up to their eyeballs in gaoltime – I wonder why they hate Trump so much?

Greg Craig has already been nailed. It is just the start.

How will the MSM survive without their kickbacks for comment? They won’t.

They have been stung by the sting.

What about Australia?

Ever bothered to wonder why the MSM here seemed to back a certain Labor Party Pollie who was caught three times taking money from China?

Why was it so hard to get rid of him and why is he expected to make a comeback?

Well now you know.

Gotta let them Chinese buy up all our farms, mines and expensive houses. It’s really in our interest. Just like they have always let us do the same to them……..


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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