Post – 27th April 2019 – A

27 Apr Post – 27th April 2019 – A

Post – 27th April 2019 – A


The Australian Government has given a directive to our Telco’s to ban the Q Research Board in Australia. I discussed this in a previous post and won’t go through it in detail again now.

However what was the predicate reason for this ban?

The Government reckons 8Chan was somehow responsible for the Christchurch video. Seriously.

Our Pollies, of course, did not explain how a site which can’t physically host a video should be silenced.

Whilst Twitter and Facebook, which are sites with far more numerical clout, can actually host video’s and stay up. Makes sense right?

What did the Australian MSM think about banning Q Research?

A very sensible approach. Yep, banning free speech and Anon/citizen research is perfectly appropriate. The Deep State MSM is fine with free speech, as long as they are the ONLY ones telling us what to think.

In case you didn’t know, there have been over 6 million Anon comments on Q Research, which is just one of the many Q Boards, and not even the one Q actually posts on.

Now, given it is not possible for Australian’s to find real news anymore, I thought it right to post an insight into what is coming up with regard to exposing Spygate. A bit of a heads up. My VPN is the antidote to MSM and Government lies.

A Lawfag posted the following:

Logical thinking. A super post.

So to summarise.

These disclosures of evidence need to occur so that a foundation is set.

Hence the whole Spygate crimes can not be argued away, by the Deep State simply saying “we were forced to commit Treason because #OrangeManBad blah blah blah”.

These releases above will show INTENT.

The DECLAS crimes, Horowitz/Huber indictments and prosecutions will sweetly follow.

And that’s the Roadmap to Justice.

You won’t read it anywhere in Australia. But this is how it will play out over the next few months or so.

Can you see the power of just one Anon post?

Our collective ideas are the way to forge our own freedom Roadmap too.

One day soon, the Q Boards will come back online and when they do, we the people of Australia, will take back our country.

Let’s see who is right …….. Patriots or the MSM?


The Australian MSM and our Pollies hope a Trump assassination takes out the Roadmap.

Not happening.


Semper Fi!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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