Post – 22nd April 2019 – B

22 Apr Post – 22nd April 2019 – B

Post – 22nd April 2019 – B


Herein lies required reading for all progressives:

(Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States of America, The Russiagate hysteria: a case of severe Russiaphobia)

It will take an hour or so, but all left-wing traitors at university, should be mandatorily examined on this document.

Most importantly Australia MUST apologise to Russia for the disgraceful screed that our Government and MSM have deliberately made up to smear the Russian People. They have known full well that they lied.

The poor Russian People have been hit 24/7 for three years with 100% provable BS and slander on countless fronts. The shear volume in this compilation document is telling and disgusting. Patriots have all known the truth and never believed any of these lies but the gullible masses did. This document is overwhelmingly correct.

Scott Morrison needs to apologise publically to Russia and all sanctions against them lifted. Once the truth about the DNC/Wikileaks/Seth Rich inside job becomes known the MSM is cactus. They will need to be held to account, and severely so. The ABC MUST publically apologise to the Russian People.

Maybe Russiaphobia should be entered into DSM – VI, who knows :)

Thank God, Putin has had the courage and patience to play the long game. The Deep state wanted to goad him into war but he always held firm. He sustained deaths due to the Ukraine war but did not get roped into wider conflagrations. He worked with Trump to completely defeat the Deep State/ISIS in Syria.

Russia, of course defeated the Deep State internally long ago, and is now less socialist and more Christian than the US. This is why the Deep State wanted to take Russia out. Satanists HATE Christians, and the risk of nuclear war is just a necessary means to an end for them.

Putin knew Trump would prevail and has waited for the truth to come out. Peace will come when the Deep State is finally nailed to the gates of hell. Russia and the West will be one.

Game over. PEACE.

Thank you President Trump.

Thank you President Putin.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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