Post – 13th April 2019 – B

13 Apr Post – 13th April 2019 – B

Post – 13th April 2019 – B


Back in December 2017, Q Post 365 mentions:

How about a nice game of chess?




There was much conjecture as to what the meaning entailed.

Interestingly the US Navy official site (controlled by white hats) then tweeted “Julian Assange” with no other background information.

Soon afterwards Assange tweeted the following chess position:

Aficionados quickly understood the game was a famous match between Capablanca and Marshall in 1918.

Here Marshall playing black sacrificed a pawn for an attacking central position in move 8; pawn to d5. This was an unexpected move and many thought Marshall had kept it secret for years just to spring it upon the World Champion at this point. The match continued with white needing to play defensively and patiently. Eventually Capablanca made the crucial Queen to f3 at move 25 (Qf3) which is the position shown above (white to move). See the “FOX THREE Q”! This enabled white to attack whence victory was guaranteed.

Anons concluded that Assange was telling the Deep State that he was a white hat (was playing white – Capablanca), was operating with the Marines, and had effectively checkmated them by providing the Alliance with a dead man’s switch. Game over! So after all his time playing defence, he could now attack and was in full control.

It was at this point that interpretations from Dr Jerome Corsi, who was working 20 hours a day to get out the Q message and decodes, suggested that JA had indeed been extracted from London to an unknown destination overseas. Military plane flights suggested this was the case too. Most Anons think that this did occur. It makes sense because JA was not seen for 14 months, had no contact with anyone, no balcony appearances and gave his beloved cat away too.

Video’s also showed that mattresses etc were moving in and out of the back door to the embassy with ample opportunity for JA to leave with Military help. The Marines have likely had full control of JA since this point.

Two weeks ago, Q post 3229 showed tracking of a DOJ jet to London, which could have been an extraction of Christopher Steele or a reinsertion of JA. Given JA’s poor health, likely Vit D deficiency and severe teeth infection it seems likely that the Marines ensured his safety. We will not know the real happenings for many many years, as technically it would have been an extra-judicial action. It is a moot point now, as JA needed to be reinserted if it did occur, and it does not alter the situation now.

Incidentally the SPLASH refers to a failed missile hit which ended in the water. But that is another story for another day.

continued in part C



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