Post – 13th April 2019 – C

13 Apr Post – 13th April 2019 – C

Post – 13th April 2019 – C


So why is JA’s testimony so important?

I have explained it many times before, last year, but shall go through it again.

The most important information JA can inject into the Court system/Congress and the public sphere is that the Russian’s were NOT responsible for the DNC hack and Podesta emails being given to Wikileaks.

The Deep State has framed Trump with this from the getgo. However Mueller refused to interview JA – why?

The answer is that the DNC was not hacked at all. It was an inside job. Everyone knows this. The MSM worldwide has known this for three years. The ABC here knows it. They are all completely corrupt.

I outlined in detail how the download speeds could have only been achieved by a thumbdrive (USB). The NSA and William Binney have discussed this at length. It is a mathematical fact.

So a disgruntled DNC insider downloaded the data from a USB. Yep, Seth Rich was pissed that Killary diddled the Chardonnay Communist, Bernie Sanders, out of the Primaries. So he decided to take revenge.

Trouble is, Killary allegedly ordered Debbie Washerman-Schultz to make Imran Awan get MS-13 to kill Seth. Not pleasant, but hey that’s the Deep State for you. Anyone who looks at the murder will find countless oddities. Indeed an alleged Surgical Resident wrote on 4chan that he was supposed to be looking after Seth’s post-operative care but was prevented from seeing him by spooks. Seth died in hospital from injuries which were apparently non life-threatening. Odd. Actually very odd. Nothing to see here folks, move along citizen.

Hmm……the MSM have been telling porkies for three years that Trump and the Russian’s hacked the Democrats so that Wikileaks could prevent Killary taking her rightful place as President Psychopath.

The truth is that Trump and the Russian’s are completely innocent and the Demonrats have knowingly falsified a hoax whilst engaging in murder. Not nice at all.

Do you understand why the MSM is panicking and begging for Gandalf to be imprisoned forever because he skipped bail (to save his life from Killary)? Does it make sense why the Deep State puppet, Macron, is offering asylum? (with an additional accidental bullet to the head – Je suis tellement desole)

If the Judge tries any funny stuff at the London hearing on 2nd May then expect some major league consequences from Trump. I mean major major.

We need to hold to account our Politicians here and the MSM too. They have always been well aware of Julian’s innocence. They were in on the whole charade. Sad.

Julian for PM!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



BTW – some people reckon JA was the 8chan Board Owner who had to leave duties one week ago for Real Life Events. No doubt he had the skills. We will likely never know. Good story though.


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