Post – 13th April 2019 – A

13 Apr Post – 13th April 2019 – A

Post – 13th April 2019 – A


The last blog post detailed my thoughts roughly one hour after the arrest of Julian Assange.

Essentially I have not changed the core conclusions however I shall attempt to more fully glean the current situation.

These ideas/analysis WILL NOT be uttered by the corrupt MSM here in Australia.

Lets start with my worries. Mostly it comes down to safety and UK Judicial Deep State control – remember what they did to Tommy Robinson.

Gandalf, as the chans are referring to JA now, is most likely in US Marine custody/protection whilst in the UK. The need for Patriots to have him extradited to the US is obvious and any assassination will be at the hands of the Deep State. I have no doubt that President Trump via Pompeo has made a deal with May to have a smooth extradition. Marine protection should be a part of this deal. I daresay Trump has informed May that if any harm comes to JA then hangings will result and total trade embargo’s will ensue.

I am worried about a Jack Ruby attempt but the risks are so obvious and so preventable that consequences will occur if this should happen. JA was completely relaxed when ‘arrested’ and even gave a wink and thumbs up. I reckon he knows this is all sorted. The UK has minimal leverage at all due to their Five Eyes spying and MI6 operative Christopher Steele’s role in fabricating the Dossier. Once Assange is out of the UK then they have zero leverage. This is my only concern. They have a motive to kill him, but the consequences will be fatal. The wrath of Trump will be absolute.

Logic points to the UK letting him go. As we know JA posted a stringer on his twitter account which very clearly pointed to a dead-man’s switch. Kim Dotcom has strongly insinuated that he has access too. Thus it seems that even if the UK hits JA, then the truth will come out. Likely there are multiple trusted blinded recipients of the codes to go with the stringer so that torture is redundant. Hence if a 187 occurs then the UK will be implicated and the world will see the dead-man switch video of JA revealing all. The UK is basically screwed.

Had Killary won the election then JA would have been extradited and likely hanged with completely made up charges. This is what the Deep State does. Remember Killary wanted JA ‘droned’. No wonder JA was drinking champagne after Trump’s victory.

The timing is perfect for JA to be extradited to the US. William Barr has subtlety but very clearly made the whole world know that everything is ON. DC is panicking big time.

JA has tremendous positive propaganda value. He deliberately screamed ‘resist’ as a shout out to progressives who will oppose the extradition. The cognitive dissonance of his testimony will be shattering for them. The MSM worldwide has already set the narrative that he ought not go to the US. They are terrified that their lies will be exposed.

The charges against JA were very carefully constructed by Jeff Sessions in 2017. In effect they mean that the extradition treaty must be upheld because of national security issues whilst also effectively meaning the charges are idiotic and will not lead to a conviction. Essentially the charges imply that JA engaged in the thought crime, of sending an email suggesting that the a hack could occur of classified files, without giving any practical information at all to Bradley/Chelsea Manning. Q always says TRUST Sessions. Furthermore, as a RULE of the US/UK Extradition Treaty, there CAN NOT be any additional charges laid after extradition.

The Plan is to get JA to the US and inject his testimony into Court/Congress. There is no risk to JA at all. In addition the East Virginia Court where JA would be tried has a Trump appointed Judge who would ensure a fair trial.

The purpose of extradition is for the public to see a fair, open and transparent legal process played out. JA will not need a presidential pardon as he will be found not guilty. He is a hero who has done nothing wrong.

The optics will destroy the Democrats and the Deep State.

continued in part B



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