Post – 11th April 2019 – B

11 Apr Post – 11th April 2019 – B

Post – 11th April 2019 – B


Less than one hour ago, Julian Assange was arrested in London.

Counter-intuitively this is actually an excellent occurrence.

Whilst Q at no time said Assange had been taken from the embassy to recuperate by US special forces, it was insinuated by Q followers – perhaps to Switzerland or Ecuador. I believe it did likely happen as Patriots would not let another Patriot suffer so much unnecessarily. Remember we have ‘the source’.

At this juncture it was important to replant him back in the Ecuadorian Embassy because the US could not be seen as acting rogue and extracting extra-judiciously. This could have happened anytime in the past few months.

Thus Assange was waiting for the US to demand extradition at the required time. He was likely in on the approximate time.

William Barr made it very clear yesterday that he would get to the bottom of the predicate for the Russian Collusion Delusion and Spygate/Fisagate, hence the UK lost all leverage over Assange.

The US has had an extradition request in place since Dec 2017 and this could have been enacted upon at any time.

Ecuador is in the sphere of influence of the US and NOT the UK. It does what the US wants. As they removed Assange’s asylum rights yesterday it must have had Trump’s approval.

Hence this is all a part of The Show and consistent with The Plan as per Q.

Assange needs to introduce evidence into Congress/Court with regard to the mathematical details of the transfer rates of the data downloads. When he does it will prove that only an insider, Seth Rich, could have transferred the Clinton Server data. Hence the whole foundation for the Russian Collusion Delusion will be proven fraudulent. William Binney, former NSA head has proven as such. Kim Dotcom knows the details as well and may give evidence too.

So, Trump knows Assange is a Patriot. Trump wants/needs Assange to be extradited to the US. The timing is perfect, just as the whole edifice of Deep State crimes is coming down. Trump is at arms length from all this, but no doubt knows all.

If Assange is extradited, then expect Mrs Assange to plead blue murder. However, no doubt she knows the way this will play out and knows Assange will be a hero. She must play her part.

If Assange is not extradited and kept in prison in the UK or sent to Sweden; then expect Trump to hit the UK with FiveEyes Spygate big big big time. Revenge will be necessary. This will likely not happen though as Trump has all the cards. The UK must roll over. Trump will probably reveal UK’s role in any case.

Australia will do nothing. It will not oppose the US extradition. We are no position to request anything from Trump as we were complicit in spying on him as well. However eventually Assange will come back to Queensland and may perhaps be PM in a few years. Who knows….

Overall, great news and it really had to happen now or never. So it’s all planned.

Julian likely has a kill-switch with the info on video as a back up in any case.

Don’t freak out.

Trust the Plan.


Follow Q.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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