Post – 31st March 2019 – E

31 Mar Post – 31st March 2019 – E

Post – 31st March 2019 – E


Over the past week there has been a number of enormous drops on Voat regarding Child Sex Trafficking/Paedophilia/SRA.

Indeed the compilation of information is staggering and would fill many sets of encyclopaedia. It has multiple hyperlinks to data in an easily digestible format. Really sterling work from the Anons.

One US LegalFag considers that Pizzagate investigation in Court could be undertaken via the Totality of the Circumstances Test. In other words the shear preponderance of evidence enables investigation. I doubt this will be required as so many cases are about to unfold in any case.

Unfortunately Scott Morrison has blocked Voat and therefore I can not even direct from here to the areas for research.

All I can say is that the information is telling and vast. Much of it involves archived sites too – which Scotty has also blocked. Yep archived sites are blocked.

Nice one Scott baby.

You will be held to account.

These crimes will all come out.

Freedom will win.


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Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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