Post – 25th March 2019 – B

25 Mar Post – 25th March 2019 – B

Post – 25th March 2019 – B


Of note…..”Russian government actors successfully hacked into computers and obtained emails from persons affiliated with the Clinton campaign and DNC”.

This really is just a way to discredit the whole investigation when the storm hits. Mueller never looked at the server and never sought evidence from Assange or Binney. Remember I wrote at length one year ago about the data transfers from the thumb drive, by Seth Rich, meaning it 100% was an inside job in the Eastern US time zone…..Yep DECLAS will reveal all. Mueller will be shown to have run a shoddy hack himself and attempted to divert blame to Russia for optics. The public will be appalled and see the Special Counsel as providing selective information against the President. Barr knows the deal but didn’t object because he just summarises findings. It is a bomb waiting to explode.

Then there is “…conspired or co-ordinated with the Russian government….despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign”.

“Affiliated”…really! Mueller is alluding that this is about others who attempted to frame Russia. Think Mifsud, Halper and our own fishnet stockinged one; with GPap and Carter Page as patsies. If the Demoncrats want the Report, they are going to find some rogue CIA and MI6 intrigue! Can you say ‘real collusion’.

The Deep State is cooked. Likely they will demand the full Report, but there is nothing that can harm the President at all. Potentially there is a hell of a lot that can damage the MSM credibility big time. It is a no win for them. Snookered. If they subpoena Barr or Mueller to give an account to Congress they will not reveal anything of value. In short – a nothingburger.

The shock which the Deep State finds itself in, is that they thought Mueller could prevent the investigation from ending. They wanted the Special Counsel to continue to the election, and be used as a continual fake wrap around smear.

The Deep State has no options left and everyone knows now. It is out in the open. Q has been right about everything. No-one believes the MSM anymore. Even their ability to manufacture and frame is gone. They are an easy target for an emboldened and righteous President. Fake news is fact. Get used to it.

So what happens next?

The whole show is now quite simple and straightforward, as the Mueller blockade is now removed. No Presidential interference can be alleged.

The OIG Report and the FISA DECLAS will both blow everything up. It doesn’t matter which comes first. Either or, it’s all good. Neither can be stopped. Once done, then it’s HUBER and HOROWITZ time with the prosecutions/arrests and the endgame. Military Tribunals and Grand Juries will be revealed.

When will these happen?

Think the one year delta on Q – March madness, April showers, May flowers.

Hence I reckon ‘The Show’ is all set for ‘The Storm’ now. Yep, get the Popcorn and give yourself a pat on the back Patriots.

Later General Flynn, Dr Jerome Corsi, George Papadopoulos and Roger Stone will all be legally exonerated via the Fruit of the Poisoned Tree and they will all become very wealthy with countersuits.

All of the crimes of the Deep State will be exposed prior to the 2020 landslide. The MSM will be garrotted and many embedded clowns will be gaoled.

So how about OZ? Glad you asked.

Our election is due roughly mid-May. If the full DECLAS comes out with #Spygate beforehand then Kooyong and Wentworth may stay blue but that’s about all. Morrison will beg forgiveness for the Libs and attempt to spin that the offenders have been removed. Won’t work.

If #Spygate is after May, then the Libs may win, as the world is going right. President Trump then has full leverage.

ALP or Libs – either way we need to clean house completely next time around, which may be sooner than you think.

Out of interest I watched the 7.30 report tonight to see their reaction to today’s news. It was a cack. Leigh Sales looked rattled. She posed some Dorothy Dixer’s to a so-called ‘Academic’. They were making up BS on the fly. Nice to see the Deep State ABC ramping up #fakenews.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor










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