Post – 25th March 2019 – A

25 Mar Post – 25th March 2019 – A

Post – 25th March 2019 – A


In the mid-70’s the Dutch Team evolved a tactical approach known as Total Football. The style of play was so novel it bamboozled static structures. Today, we can form an analogy between Johan Cruyff and President Trump. Each has commanded a team where all the players do not have a predetermined role. The structure of these teams is so adaptable and intelligently drilled that switching positions and intent becomes a nightmare to combat.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Trump has engaged actors whom provide a narrative of both information and disinformation. The Deep State has not been able to cope with the permutations that have been thrown at it and as such they have been forced into disarray and thus mistakes. Anyways, enough with the meaningless nonsense, except to say both parties are co-incidentally rather orange….weird hey

So here is the point where I give myself a big wrap. Sorry, needs to be done.

Rosenstein and Mueller are both white hats. Have said this since the get go one year ago. Yep, they have both done some terrible stuff in the past, but now they are both firmly on the Alliance Team and causing major MAGA havoc.

The assessment I shall give of today’s historic events can not be found or compared, I believe, to any other source/opinion in Australia, or at least mainstream ones. I shall try to give it a fair shake.

As we all know Barr has outlined the general content of the Mueller Report. The four page document is a masterpiece of Military precision. In effect it is a total checkmate of the Deep State.

Barr most likely wrote this in conjunction with white hats a year ago. The point we have reached with regard to taking down the Russian Collusion Delusion has been planned and gamed to perfection.

Sure, the timing may have been late due to the recent False Flag, but contingencies are built in to the overall time line.

Most importantly today, the Report had to be able to clear the President but also leave some wiggle room. BTW – Not referring to any big red cars here.

This wiggly smidgeon is vital. If the Report were too perfect then the MSM would then rip into Mueller and attempt to destroy their religious deity. It could negate the general finding of no collusion. Secondly it needs to give them just enough bait or rope to continue hanging themselves and remove any last vestige of integrity.

The fact that Rosenstein agrees with the findings means that Barr can’t be attacked. Rosenstein was of course the other saviour, the stated red line, who couldn’t be crossed or riots were promised.

So let’s look at the very carefully crafted letter.

The Demoncrats put all their hopes on the following:

“The Special Counsel therefore did not draw a conclusion – one way or the other – as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction…….whilst this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him”.

Yes. The Demoncrats hope that there is some tiny slither of a way that President Trump may have done something to obstruct an investigation into a non-existent crime! Barr even clarified and said there was no intent so no obstruction exists.

The point being missed is that Mueller is a prosecutor and has no legal ability to exonerate anyone!

It is a non-statement which the MSM must spin.

Hence they will demand the full Report, which is morally indefensible, but very Deep State.

If they get it, they will find zero because President Trump has known the whole game from the get go. He never had any interest in obstructing anything and would have been legally advised of such.

There is the possibility that Mueller could have said that the President’s public tweets were a form of obstruction.

So ” the Special Counsel is a witch hunt” could be revealed as the nasty infringement for a non-predicate crime!

If Adam Shit goes there he may well be messed up legendarily.

continued in part B:



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