Post – 23rd March 2019

23 Mar Post – 23rd March 2019

Post – 23rd March 2019

Corruption in Australia

Q post 3168 has just come through – “Their only defence is to play ‘dumb’ (shocked & surprised) to avoid ‘collusion’ claims”.

Obviously Q is referring to the MSM and how they have deliberately lied about Russian Collusion to further their Deep State goals. However Q goes further and is also suggesting that the MSM embedded CIA links will be held to account.

Same thing will occur in Australia.

No question that the MSM here will act out, an identical shocked narrative, to distance themselves from their two years of anti-Trump hate. This narrative was of course built on zero evidence at all – which they knew full well.

To reiterate again, I sent almost all MSM players in Australia details of the fake Russian Collusion and the Australian Government’s role in an ‘Act of War’ against the People of the United States by spying on Trump in a democratic election. I prefaced these emails stating, words to the effect, that it was the biggest news story and scoop of their lifetime. The wiretapping request letter from Obama to GCHQ was also included. Each of these MSM outlets refused to reply to me. One newspaper even adamantly refused to take up the story saying “we’ll just take the risk”.

Similarly, the Liberal Party members of my electorate refused to reply to me as a Constituent after I submitted documents about Australia’s role in Spygate.

Little wonder the Deep State Medical Council of NSW took me out.

As you know, I have mentioned these points ad nauseam.

The game will be identical for the Liberal Party and the Politician’s at the Council. They will feign stupidity.

When Mueller, OIG and FISA hits they will claim stupidity on each occasion. When paedophilia rings are known to all and sundry they will feign anger. When Q is openly recognised as the real news; they will say they never had the time to look into it. On and on and on. Any lies will suffice. The Deep State is immune to morality.

Trouble is, the PEOPLE will NOT wear it.

The Government knows what is coming. They are terrified of President Trump exposing their dirty secrets.

The full Censorship block on Q by the Australian Government is patently stupid. They are trying to prevent the PEOPLE from knowing the TRUTH. It will backfire. Spygate is way too big to suppress. Q is way too big to suppress. The Censorship and threats against Patriots will fail and those whom initiated and tolerated it will be held responsible.

As Q said today in relation to playing dumb …… “Nobody walks away from this”.

In our context, we will have The Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s).

NZ False Flag

Q post 3165 refers to the Deep State ordering the NZ FF to saturate the news cycle when Mueller comes down. Just like the D5 (December 5th 2018); the 19th March 2019 was a set-up for the Deep State ammunition to be wasted so information could not be suppressed.

Personally, I find the thought of Q throwing dummy passes to bring out Deep State FF’s unsettling. However the FF’s would occur either way, so the tactics can be deemed necessary. Remember the fight is for the future of mankind.

The MSM here is entirely complicit in this FF. They of course will not investigate it at all. The CIA/ASIO assets in our Media will make sure of that. They will actively cover-up any anomalies.

Interesting how the NZ Government blames what occurred on a video as the reason to bring in gun laws, but they won’t allow anyone to see the said video. The game book is an exact copy of Port Arthur. Rush through legislation without any allowed discussion. Voila, the People’s ability to combat the Fascist Deep State is removed. We are witnessing a blatant pre-planned grab against freedom.


Right on cue, the Australian Government announces that they will target anyone whom disagrees with them. So Patriots who oppose the Deep State – hint (Q supporters), will be monitored:

Is it not now bleeding obvious now why the Liberal Party took me down?

Enjoy your censorship now guys because Q is coming.

Good vs Evil.

Dark to light.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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