Post – 22nd March 2019 – A

22 Mar Post – 22nd March 2019 – A

Post – 22nd March 2019 – A


The crimes against children just posted by Q are stomach turning.

Yes we were ready for the drops, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

The depravity is so grotesque that when this reaches the masses in full, and it will; there may well be lynching’s. Perhaps many.

Q is correct, the suicides have started and this may well be the “suicide weekend” referred to.

The Deep State knows it is over now. The NSA has it all.

The panic must be debilitating. There is no going back. The public won’t tolerate it.

The posts today have crossed the line.

How will the new Censorship in Australia align with these drops? What happens when the public knows Q has been blocked after these reveals? How can it be sustained now?

Message to the Telco’s – back down. Think about what hiding this means. Think. Be logical. Be sensible. Look at it. You can’t stop it. It is pure Evil.

I’m not posting any photos from today. The 8chan threads are actually worse than the Q posts.

VOAT has been inundated with Bible quotes.

All I can suggest now is that we hit twitter hard.

Just as we did back in January, with the viral #releasethememo, we now need to spread #unsealEpstein

I have previously written one year ago, at length, regarding the proclivities of those whom visited Epstein Island – Little Saint James. Now the Florida Court must decide if the documents should be unsealed. Q implies it is a certainty. The public will accept nothing else now.

Sure Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew are secretly using Ivy League Attorneys to stop it, but it won’t work.

To be sure we don’t know whether Bill and Andrew are the ones desperately attempting to censor the most depraved crimes against children imaginable – hell, it may well be The Medical Council of NSW……but it won’t work.

Q and President Trump have our backs.



Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor







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