Post – 21st March 2019 – C

21 Mar Post – 21st March 2019 – C

Post – 21st March 2019 – C

Replies to VOAT letter to President Trump

I feel your pain Aussie brother.

Our politicians are among the most cucked in the world.

I too pray for the fallout from the US swamp draining to have some effect here. Big tech and mass media being my primary wish to see brought to account.

With an unbiased press and social media platforms, we the people may have our voices heard.

You are not alone

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Your ISPs are most probably using DNS to “redirect” the traffic, so DON’T use the ISP’s DNS servers. You will not only avoid DNS spoofing but also they will not be able to track your movement based on your DNS requests. I strongly advice using DNSSEC.

Best way is to find some university network which have an open DNS and us it. Try something outside of your country.

Don’t use google’s DNS servers ( and because you are sending all the domain name resolution requests directly to the DS (GOOG).

Use VPN services such as:

  • AirVPN
  • NordVPN

AirVPN allows bitcoin payments. You can also use Revoult to create a one-time credit card number and remove it later (please note that e-payments are trackable, you can only make it harder to track).

You can also setup your own box somewhere in the EU and install OpenVPN server (it may be hard for non-tech Patriots).

If you have some technical skills research:

  • openvpn
  • dnscrypt-proxy.
  • iproute2
  • iptables

If you are not a techfag check following Firefox plugins to increase level of security and control over the web browsing:

  • uBlock (allows to disable elements on the page like ads, but also allows to disable WebRTC which reveals you internal IP to the server you are visiting)
  • Cookie Auto Delete (allows to control which site can store cookies in you browser, so sites can’t track you)
  • NoScript (allows to control JavaScript and build a white list of sites which are allowed to run JS in your browser – painful but extremely useful)
  • HTTPS Everywhere (must have! it redirects HTTP – non-encrypted traffic to HTTPS version of the service or let you decide if encrypted connection is not allowed)
  • Canvas Fingerprint Defender (sends random info about your browser in order to make it hard to profiling of your system/browser)

If you want to know how much information your system is leaking try (even if you are using VPN you most probably are leaking through DNS).

Just one more thing… don’t use Windows it’s a fucking trojan horse. Take a Debian, Ubuntu or Centos Linux distribution and learn how to use it. They provide even better user experience than the broken Windows. Ubuntu – best choice to start with. Personally I don’t trust Apple and any other company in that matter. If you provide so much meta data to the company and they are able to read it, they will and they will use it to make a profit and to spy on you.

We should have a tech thread here to support Patriots with tech issues.

You are not alone!

Good night and good luck.


I would add one more useful addon to the above list of the Firefox addons:

  • Smart Referer (it will reset the Referer header in the HTTP request made by your browser, otherwise Referer contains an URL or the site you were visiting before, so service owner knows on which site you were before visiting his site).

BTW don’t use free VPN services like Opera. I even have a limited trust for ProtonVPN especially since the news that they are going to be subsidized by the EU. In case of the ProtonMail it looks more secure than most of the free email providers but the only way to prevent others from reading your emails is using PGP/GnuPG which provides an asymmetric encryption. So, even if somebody is able to perform a man in the middle attack and sniff your traffic between you and the server he/she will not be able to decrypt content until he/she will not have a private key of the recipient. See There are also more user friendly interfaces for GnuPG like Enigmail plugin for Thunderbird. Most of the popular mail clients support asymmetric encryption through plugins. The fundamental difference is that you encrypt the message on your hardware so your password/key is never flying through the wire.

You can also check this sites: and but please avoid WhatsApp style applications. I’m not sure about Signal but assuming it’s always in your face when it comes to the DS and that the Signal app real name is org.thoughtcrime.securesms it makes me wonder… (plus huge battery usage and not natural amount of permissions required by the app). I’m not sure here but Silence looks much better because of a simplicity. It encrypt real SMS and not use any additional permissions besides address book and sdcard. It works without internet connection (until you want to send an MMS, then you need it to send/receive pics/vids).

The bad news is that even you have the best tooling ever your brand new phone can spy on you, ie. keyboard app will send everything you type to some external service before the encryption occurs. You can’t really do anything about it. You can try to mitigate the risk using firewall (to control which app can create an outgoing connections). Please note that most of the mobile firewalls doesn’t allow you to control INPUT chain (an incoming connections), so knowing your mobile IP somebody can try to connect and expoit it.

For mobile (android) security try to root your phone or buy one which you will be able to root (mostly Samsung, OnePlus and more > search XDA forum). Rooting means gaining root (admin) access to your smartphone. Install some firewall app (there are many). If you are not able to root your phone find some no-root firewall app. No-root FW apps creates a VPN tunnel back to your phone and thanks to this all traffic is routed to the VPN, so you can select which app can create an outgoing connection via this VPN tunnel.

https://play. (doesn’t require root)

https://play. (does require root)

Please note that having root on your phone allows you to remove so called system apps. It’s mostly shitty apps like FB, twatter and some ISP specific crap designed to track you.

For anons which don’t know much about Linux and how to install it:

You will find answers to most of your questions using “how to <do_something> in <linux_distro_name>” phrase, ie. “how to configure dns in ubuntu” will return a gazillion of useful links. Most of them with copy & paste instructions.

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of information and the fact that you were fucked by the tech companies in cooperation with the DS for all this time, then I guess you should take a break from all of this and re-think your new strategy regarding social media and mobile equipment usage.

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OP:Tech Sub is an awesome idea. Many times I really wished that I could have thrown out a quick ? @Voat instead of wasting hours to find a site/answer that had no strings attached. Maybe some of our awesome autist anons will kek up…

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Thank you so much for the info…although I did not understand a single word (except that I prolly have no protection). Imma computer tard.

Somebody, PLEASE, since this is related to Q in every way possible, do a tech thread.

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Seriously though, can you recommend any more security websites/videos/subs/verses/etc.?

I checked out the linux verse here and nobody knew what they were talking about, were totally unhelpful and toxic.

I’m trying to get into netsec as a reintroduction into programming/networking after taking some programming/netsec classes a looong time ago and I’m starting with a Coursera Google Help Desk/I.T. type thing, challenges and some CCNA/Kali courses on Udemy.

I’m probably going to be overwhelmed and not start anything, but we’ll see.

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Morrison is giving President Trump a big public MIDDLE FINGER. Tough guy Morrison.

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They are not that cucked… Switzerland is way worse with its politicians. They can’t even decide and do something

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Can confirm they are huge cucks- an Australian

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If I may make a suggestion…go after the Christ Church false flag, and don’t let go of it.

There is the “smoking gun” right in front of you. Murder, mayhem, violence against innocents, staged to blame the opposition, covered up and abetted by the media and used by the politicians for their agenda.

Get into it, dig into the details, and tell everybody.

What the hell was John Podesta doing over there ?And last year, Obama and Hillary ?

We have the same enemies. You have to go after the criminals in your neighborhood.

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The Aussies wont do shit but roll over, why do you think they are begging for help. Every aussie I’ve ever met has been nothing but nice, time to grow some balls and fight your government like yall fight wildlife.

Trump cant save you just like he cant save us Americans, it’s up to us.

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We are definitely nice I think the issue lays with Australians naivety, it’s extremely conspiratorial to dislike our mainstream media or even suggest an alternative narrative to what’s being proposed

Australians almost don’t give a fuck about what happens in their country, we have it so good here that people feel so distances from all of the bad shit.

Australians also spend a huge fucking chunk of time watching shit Australian reality shows, literally it’s all people talk about. For the most part we are just unawakened fkn sheeps

The propoganda is real over here tho just to add, I’m a social worker and the socialist propoganda pushed in the Universities is intense

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Unfortunately, Australia is a very apathetic society. I tried telling people here and all I get is ‘you’re full of shit!’ etc. If they still have running water and their cash then people won’t do anything.

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wasn’t there something with NZ being the only place in 5eyes world, that had protection for Phone tapping for the ds?

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Good luck in Australia. Check out their Bourke Street hoax from a couple years ago. Pretty thoroughly debunked, but the main Youtuber debunking it was (briefly) jailed for doing so.

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Who is podesta’s psychiatrist anyways?

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I saw a post that the psychiatrist for the Parkland survivors was in New Zealand in 2016.

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you and your country are NOT alone!

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First things first. We love you guys. Next. We MUST fix our own shit before we go save anyone else. It sounds like we are way out ahead of everyone and everything is well but ITS NOT. We are on a razors edge right now. We must fix our shit or we will be GONE and will instead be an opposing force to ya. That would suck right? B52’s ripping your cities to pieces with mkultra robot pilots in them? You want that?

Use your brain. Yall are likely fucked for the time being. This means you need to accept that reality and instead start to think about how to live in this reality. So how do you do that? You live in a major city ? You got little or no money? Surrounded by niggers? Think about how to have a safe place to go if things get bad. Your nation is HUGE and EMPTY. I grew up in the PNW here in the US and let me tell ya. Tons of people get lost and die every year in this place. Your country is FAR more empty and lonley than even the most lonley areas of the US. So learn some lonely areas of your country that are livable and start to set yourself up to go there and be able to live permanently if need be. DO Not do this alone. You will likely die.

NEXT. I was sawing wood with my chainsaw today and realized there is a simple solution to OZ and NZ’s problems. You fuckers need to simply make a website that mirrors the important parts of Voat/8ch. These sites are TEXT for the most part. This means it would be easy as fuck. Sadly I am stupid and old and don’t know or I would be writing code to do it right now but some smart fucker can do this…Write a script that will pull all the text that is active on Voat QRV and Great Awakening. then post int all in text format somewhere. We can push that shit all over the web from here so that you guys can access it.

Last… Get a MEGA account and just run the backup or the Q breads from 8ch. Look at the latest bread and you will see mega links from a guy called Germanarchiveanon. This fucker backs up everything on qresearch and the downloads are easily downloaded via MEGA or other tools. This is very important and will keep you guys in the loop. No you cannot respond BUT YOU WILL NOT BE BLIND. Remember Q told you to back up everything off line? You have been doing that correct? you better be.

You are our brothers. You will survive this mess and come out the other end with a new nation and likely a completely bulletproof freedom of speech and a second amendment that will let you own tanks and battle ships if you play your cards right but not today. No one can save you so save yourselves. Here is a link to this post so you can give it to someone who can maybe help do this. Posted it in the bread. Lets see if I get any responses.

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You fuckers need to simply make a website that mirrors the important parts of Voat/8ch.

Great idea!

Unfortunately it limits the functionality only to reading. You can’t share your opinion or a point of view that way.

Anyway, you could rent a VPS in US/EU (1vcpu + 1gb ram) and run nginx or apache to proxy the request. For your ISP it will look like you are trying to visit some random site, but in fact you will be visiting something else.

They don’t give a fuck about the freedom of speech then I don’t give a fuck about their lame techniques to suppress it! 😛

I will just leave it here…

<VirtualHost *:443>
  SSLProxyEngine On
  SSLProxyCheckPeerCN on
  SSLProxyCheckPeerExpire on
  SSLCertificateFile PATH_TO_YOUR_CERT
  SSLCertificateKeyFile PATH_TO_YOUR_KEY

  RewriteEngine On
  RewriteRule /(.*)$1 [P,L]
  ProxyPassReverse /

  <Location />
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from YOUR_IP_ADDRESS

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True. One could only read but that would retain 90% of functionality for most people. My guess is there are 100 people not even logged in reading this stuff for each one shitposting like a maniac like me. As for the code… I have no idea what that is but hopefully someone can do something worthwhile with it.

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You = hero (17504058) for putting this out there on the chans. Someone will bite and it will be another shot heard round the world.

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I wish I could do it myself. Sadly I lost my youth to stupid useless work (((education))) for worthless money and never learned good useful skills like I described above. I have tried to learn it but just spin my wheels./ I know it is EASY to do though for the right person. It could probably be set up in a few hours TBH.

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Posted it in the bread. Lets see if I get any responses.

All good idea! Good luck!

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Thank you patriot, for letting the world know the truth of your situation. US patriots stand with you.

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Time to get CREATIVE. Time to get INNOVATIVE. Time to use alternative channels to spread the word. At every suppression there is a way around it. This is your time to find those loopholes and underground methods.

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Low tech stuff like flyers or pamphlets. You know the Truth, spread it for your fellow countrymen. God bless.

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Write on your money

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Texting to get prayer lines going throughout the country. Text memes and info through outside US coms to text messages pics or through email. Prayer continuous to clear dark spells. Find a way and make a way with your skills.

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Teach your friends how to bypass the systems so they can, in turn, pass it on to others. I have many Aussie friends and they have shared their knowledge and are digging together. Don’t give up the fight and please remember… The flack gets heavier when you are over the target…and most important…WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL!

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Be strong my Friend, I firmly believe that the POTUS and Q are working to clean the Earth of the filth. Best wishes Roy Belfast N I

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Use a VPN. Opera offers one for free and there is always Tor

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Thanks for that. Didn’t realise you could use Tor :)

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For me, I am a complete coward, but your words brought to mind a verse from God’s Word. “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matt 10:28

Praying for you and America!

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Angry kiwi here, our government has done the same thing here, like you I had to find a work around to get through the blocks. There is no doubt our governments are aligned with the DS there cards have been shown. I too would love QTrump to give our govt the smack down, stay upright brother and God bless.

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Another Aussie patriot here, I haven’t been able to access this sub or the GreatAwakening sub all day. The pages weren’t loading and then they’d say it couldn’t connect to server. I’m not sure how I have access now but I am connected through my internet provider Internode instead of my phone internet Optus. Ive said this before I’m a lurker and have been following this movement for over a year (I am a voat noob so when the Reddit got deleted I migrated), on one hand I can’t believe that our access is restricted on the other hand how am I fucking surprised. Our country is completely controlled by corrupt mother fuckers and unfortunately most aussies are too naive to consider another perspective.

Please help us !

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What is so sad it’s everybody. France, London, Iran, Canada, Venezuela, etc are all asking for help and we ourselves are on very thin ice right now. It’s a nightmare here too. Everyday I live in fear of something bad happening. Please hold on and don’t give up. And Pray! I will Pray for you tonight. I’m so sorry you’re going thru this!

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Fuck the Australian goverment. They’ve been DS slimeballs for a long time too.

MAGA!!!! (Make Australia Great Again!!!!)

Aussie people are usually cool as hell, but I think they’re usually TOO chilled out and easy going. Don’t get cucked by the cucks in charge. Like many other places including America, it’s time to take it back.

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You will have to unite the local citizens. Talk about truth in the barbershop, and everywhere. Vote out of office Deep State traitors. Trump will support a citizen movement, but we as Americans don’t believe in intervention except for vital national security reasons. Trump is supporting the Iranian uprising, and the people’s choice in Venezuela to reject socialism, and confirm Guaido. A Liberty movement needs to be grassroots. meet in town halls. Gather to discuss the issues. As far as the Q posts – someone should take the postings and repost to a secure privately owned server. Tell your friends and colleagues to visit YouTube and watch X22 report and Praying Medic, since those videos are a line by line exposition for Q posts.

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Love you Aussies, hope more of you wake up.

We all have our hands full.

You get suppressed pretty fast if you speak out about Rothschilds down there. WWG1WGA

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Everything the OP has said is true. But Australia is a very unique country. Of all the things that would standout to a foreigner visiting Australia is how laid back it is. Which is great for lifestyle but really goes against something being ‘urgent’ enough for the populace to stand up and take notice. I fear the worst is yet to come for Australia, as it too like America, has an entire political establishment sold out to globalism. Its not a case of Labor/Greens versus the Liberal/Nationals as they are two sides of the same globalist coin. (for an American to understand is Labor = Left / Liberals = Republicans) and the people are being shafted year after year voting in the same globalists representatives. There is no one to represent the people. Small parties try, but are easily destroyed by media propaganda which sadly rules in Australia. Just about every advertisement on television is inundated with ‘diversity’ showing a white woman, black man and brown children. The shocking thing is no one asks why, how is this happening, its just accepted. No, its advertising for what they have planned. That’s the whole point. Australia isn’t for Australians anymore, its open to the world, and with a population of only 25 million people, white Australians days are numbered. That’s the thing I would like make clear to our American brothers, its happening everywhere in the west. Australia is an island continent in the middle of nowhere. A small population of 25 million people and not much of a player on the world stage, yet here we are another American partner who has stood by the United States in two world wars, Vietnam and Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan all the way side by side. Today we are infiltrated by globalists who have taken over our government, our media and our schools. Same pattern used throughout the western world against all of Americas traditional allies. Something need to be done in Australia before we become Americas enemy.

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Hey, they are doing the same thing over here with the commercials. I’m just going to assume that nonsense is happening everywhere. Americans maybe a little more high strung, but I wouldn’t want to mess with an Australian. Aren’t the men super strong there? Don’t lose faith in your fellow Patriots because they are easy going. Remember, EVERYBODY has a breaking point! We are with you! Somebody always posts the Q drops on here, so hopefully you will be able to see them. And remember if you ever see on the TV all hell is breaking out in the U.S. that it may be one step closer to peace for you.

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They should be able to go to if so if share the hell out of daily posts by txt,email, blog, whatever it takes. We AU & US have always been connected, some by blood. many that are long lost kit & kin. Ancestors that were separated sent to a Penal Colony, others drawn to America because of a famine. Two Countries were built on the backs of their need.& the blood they spilled. Watching the NZ vids of the the kids singing at vidual I felt a kindred warmth as well. We’ll have to exterminate a lot of snakes… but in spirit, solidarity, truth & desire, nothing is impossible. WWG1WWA!

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Nahum 3:5 “Behold, I am against you,” declares the LORD of hosts; “And I will lift up your skirts over your face, And show to the nations your nakedness And to the kingdoms your disgrace. Claim it. Australia – You have prayed for us, now we will pray for you.

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“And no weapon formed against you shall prosper…”

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Your plight really underscores the seriousness of the battle and evil’s desire to destroy. My heart goes out to you; I am praying for you and Australia. With God’s help and direction, good will conquer evil. God shall reign forever; evil will be defeated.

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Dammit… something needs to crack and soon.

We are with you brother.

WWG1WGA!!! No matter how far away.

Stay safe, try to stay informed, we’ll see you on the light side Patriot!

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That is just criminal – I heard some guy was going to jail for 14 years in NZ for watching shooting video. Whole world has seen it.

Explains why all the filth of the world (globalists, Hollyweirdos and other scum) were all setting up base in NZ.

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Go yellow vest on your corrupted government. It’s what we are going to have to do here, as well. Our rights are being whittled away by the fricking hour, regardless of Trump being in office. We have to push back against the enemy ourselves. No one is coming to save us.

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We do need to extradite Downer and Turnbull. They colluded with the Deep State to prevent Trump from becoming President and then joining in a coup to unseat a lawfully elected president. By taking down the WW Coup leaders we can help emancipated other countries like Australia. People want freedom.


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