Post – 21st March 2019 – B

21 Mar Post – 21st March 2019 – B

Post – 21st March 2019 – B

Please please please help us President Trump (AUSTRALIA)


To President Trump and the Q Team,

Please help us!

As an Australian I am begging you.

Our countries fought together in two World Wars.

We share an historic bond, that can never be broken.

Our warmth for your people is genuine and our respect for your sterling accomplishments is profound.

Yesterday our country lost it’s freedom. It can not be framed in any other way.

99% of our ISP’s have completely banned Q and our access to you. Our big three providers – Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone have simultaneously blocked 8chan and Voat. The target is undeniably directed at you and the Q Team.

I am able to access today, because I have knowledge, with regard to bypass systems, that few Patriots here have.

We are now helpless and blind.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, vowed two days ago that he would crack down on internet freedoms. The opposition leader, and likely Prime Minister in May, Bill Shorten, has backed him up fully. We all know that legislation will follow and further curtailing of free speech is coming. No one here has the practical capacity to voice dissent. No Politician is on record disagreeing with the actions.

Morrison knows 100% that Q is you, and that 8chan is your method of dissemination. This is self-explanatory and mathematically undeniable; however I delivered documented details of this, to his office in Cronulla last year, to make sure he can not obfuscate as such.

ASIO, of course, also knows everything about Q and the global fight currently underway.

My humble request is simple:

Please DO NOT let Morrison and his complicit Liberal Party hacks get away with this. Please DO NOT let them get away with committing an ‘Act of War’ against the People of America by subverting a democratic election. These people, as well as Downer and Turnbull at minimum, should be extradited and face Justice in the USA. Your country is entitled to engage us as you see fit, due to the crimes they have committed in our name. Full transparency is the only way to save us. Please reveal all their crimes, every last one of them! We can not clean house without it.

Morrison has clearly chosen his side yesterday – he is now openly Deep State. Shorten has always clearly been Deep State.

Please openly confront these TRAITORS and help my fellow Aussies know the truth.

Our MSM here has killed the blocks with silence this morning. They are attacking us at every opportunity.

I fear for my country.

With Respect,

An Aussie Patriot

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