Post – 21st March 2019 – A

21 Mar Post – 21st March 2019 – A

Post – 21st March 2019 – A

Please please please help us President Trump (AUSTRALIA)

Yesterday I was so dismayed at the Fascist attack on our freedom of speech that I decided to go rogue.

The best way to take on TRAITORS who decide to impose totalitarian dictates is to expose any which way.

So, I wrote a letter to President Trump on VOAT….

And guess what……… it went f’ing viral!

Yep, it was the biggest post for the day and maybe for the week worldwide!

Who was my target? Our Deep State TRAITOR of a PM, Scotty boy.

Scotty decided to humiliate President Trump by blocking Q on 8chan and VOAT. Hence I invited and laid a case for President Trump to retaliate as best he wishes.

One thing Scotty needs to learn about President Trump and that is if you turn on him, he will destroy you.

Scotty, you really should have read ‘Art of the Deal’. Your time will come. You are now, a fully signed on the line, Deep State TRAITOR. The Australian People will judge you harshly at The Australian Treason Trials.

I will paste my letter in part B and the replies in part C excluding any profanities. VOAT is rough and tumble and some of it’s language is too much for this family friendly blog. The letter is self-evident given recent events removing free speech in our country. Obviously, we are now no longer a free people.

A techfag replied toward the top. He/she outlined how we can manoeuvre past the IP and DNS blocks of the Deep State controlled Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone networks. I shall not go into this, as it is well covered here.

One aspect of his reply is something I don’t completely agree with. Opera may be used as a reasonable VPN, or actually more correctly a proxy, for windows on non-personal systems. So if you are say in the public service or perhaps working as a Doctor in a Public Hospital then Opera could be an option – although I would preface that by saying it is not a recommendation. The techfag says it is Chinese but it is actually Norwegian. Furthermore, remember Opera is a browser/proxy and not a real VPN. It will spoof an IP address but won’t encrypt etc.

Anyways to use Opera then go to duckduckgo (hope no one reading this uses google) and type in Opera VPN. Click on the site and then the free download. Wait and then click install. Once the browser is in place you will need to activate the VPN component as it is defaulted to NOT work. So click the red ‘O’ and go to settings then advanced and finally features. Find the VPN toggle and turn it on. Now you can use 8chan and VOAT; and hence find Q.

Obviously using a paid VPN is best and the techfag suggestions are good.

If using Opera then you can uninstall before logging out and delete it from your trash bin too. Hence no record. You can do this each time you log on. Do not use it as a normal browser, as it will default to suggestions from wherever it has been routed to; say Bulgaria or Timbuktu.

The reason given by the TRAITORS to remove your freedom is that the NZ video is really really bad.

First point is that VOAT and Zerohedge (also banned) don’t even host video content, whilst Facebook and Twitter (who both host and spread it far and wide) are untouched.

Secondly, the JFK Zapruder film is way way more gory and it has been seen by billions.

None of this makes sense until you realise the suppression is intended for Q only.

As we speak anons are going through the video frame by frame and analysing it in depth. They are also piecing together the events on the day including the arrests which have disappeared. The guy in fatigues nabbed by the Police at the High School has vanished from the MSM narrative altogether.

Was NZ a False Flag? It is more likely than not, but I won’t call it yet. More digging is required.

If anyone was a Clown then this Tarrant guy is. He is essentially a non-person. Good at computers in school but no digital or social media footprint. Worked hard for two years after school but hasn’t done a day’s work since. Travelled for nine years straight. Went to Turkey, Syria, Israel, NK, Afghanistan and Pakistan (Nagar Valley – the most sensitive area). Hanged around the Embankment in London, gets what’s there? Idiotic Manifesto targeted at Conservatives. Paid in untraceable Bitcoin. All classic Clown cons. Sorcha Fail (Russian Intel) says he is MI6 – possible. Erdogan reckons he is a Clown too. Notice how the MSM says Erdogan is bad, but won’t say why…

Cui Bono? Not Patriots. Patsy?

Australia is censoring to cover #spygate and Deep State crimes. They want to stop us investigating a likely FF. Simple.

continued in part B

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