Post – 14th March 2019 – C

14 Mar Post – 14th March 2019 – C

Post – 14th March 2019 – C

Be careful who you follow – Q

Majestic 12 @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 has been suggesting that his account is run by President Trump.

This is very dangerous as many have been duped by this.

Remember Q says – NO OUTSIDE COMMS.

This rule is strict and should make it clear to anyone gullible enough to fall for obvious disinformation which can harm the Q movement. Happy to whistle-blow.

Hence I posted this on the boards to counter and avoid further damage:


Majestic 12 @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 is a FRAUD!

For those of you following Majestic 12 on twitter, you need to know this.

Without fear or favour this is what the facts show.

On 4th March 2019 (ET) @OfficeofMike posted:

“I have a hunch President Trump has a second twitter account. I also have a hunch which account it might be.

Then @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 responded with:

👏 (clapping)

Then another user says:

DJT is Majestic But, what #?

Then @SC_SCI_MAJIC12 says:

“Only 45 will tell you”.

👆 The time stamp for this tweet was 4th March 6.10pm (ET)

Three minutes later @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 referred back to the “Only 45 will tell you.”, by saying “Co-incidences don’t exist”.

Further on @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 says “alignment of synchronicity enables for Majestic consciousness….” and “More than one kind of BOOM 💥”

Putting this together @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 is directing us that 45 is saying TS_SCI_MAJIC12 is DJT, because there was a @realdonaldtrump tweet at exactly 4th March 2019 at 6.10pm (ET) –

In other words @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 is saying that he achieved a zero Delta with @realdonaldtrump, whilst saying DJT will give a sign if @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 is DJT.

That is, supposedly DJT told us that @OfficeofMike’s ‘hunch’ was correct. Many plaudits followed.

So now there are many who think that @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 is DJT even though Q clearly says NO OUTSIDE COMMS.

Trouble is, I opened up the source of each of the relevant tweets and searched through the code. I then found the date-time stamp and inputed the digits into UNIX and found the exact time of each tweet to the second.

Turns out that the times were 4th March 6.10pm and 34 seconds (ET) for @realdonaldtrump and 4th March 6.10pm and 47 seconds for @TS_SCI_MAJIC12.

So it was NOT a Delta as @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 was 13 seconds LATER!

He just had a notification for @realdonaldtrump tweets and then sent his immediately afterwards.

Then he claimed the credit for the question posed to DJT, synchronicity and zero Delta.



Serious questions need to be asked of @OfficeofMike as well. How did he pull a question about another POTUS account out of his arse and then immediately @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 went into full fabrication mode?


Facts is as facts does.

Message to @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 and @OfficeofMike – very simple to prove bonafides, just do three zero Delta’s with DJT in a row. Ready, set…..GO!


Other impersonators of President Trump

The only other impersonator of DJT in the world was sorted by Patriots and has lost significant following. This was a twitter account by Santa Claus of the United States @bigredwavenow

It was not by exposing an alleged zero delta as I have done above, but by serial analysis of so-called connections.

Remember Q says – No outside comms, and be careful who you follow.

Deep State Foreign clown agencies or rogue CIA are most likely behind these false avatars.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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