Post – 14th March 2019 – A

14 Mar Post – 14th March 2019 – A

Post – 14th March 2019 – A

We have a hell of a lot of work to do

Fellow Australian’s, we have to take back our country from the Deep State. It will be a task of immense proportions but we have no choice. The time is now.

Unlike our Patriotic cousins in America, we have not drained our swamp at all. The full Satanic class of Politician’s, MSM, Business elites, Police, Judges and Senior Government Bureaucrats are still untouched. However the imminent events about to be unleashed by Q will enable us to take action and rid our country of their control once and for all. It is inevitable.

Today is T [-6]. In short, within the next six days there will be an unstoppable unravelling of the Russian Collusion Delusion. Q told us more than six months ago that Lisa Page had flipped and her testimony released today proves that. Papadopoulos will be vindicated shortly. Barr must release the Mueller findings before DECLAS so obstruction cannot be claimed by the Demoncrats. Similar with the OIG report by Horowitz.

The Christopher Steele Deposition/Testimony is due in about twenty hours, it will be very revealing. The Dossier reaches all the way to Bathhouse Barry.

The MSM portrayed the massive increase in sealed indictments nationwide as being due to filings by Mueller. This of course was always demonstrably laughable as Trump never did anything wrong. If Mueller is a grey hat turned white, as I have always said, then he may have filed some indictments against Trump Junior for made up nonsense and showed it to the Deep State. Trouble is Barr will simply remove them whether or not Mueller is a white hat or black hat. Nothing will come of it either way. The 90,000 indictments will then be unsealed and acted upon by Huber. The Deep State is screwed. Not all these indictments are DS crimes but most are. The Storm will be historic.

The MSM here has killed Q and #Spygate with silence because they are well aware that Australia used Five Eyes to spy on Trump to swing the election in 2016 and also try to have him removed post-election. They are also aware of the UK involvement and are running interference.

I have presented the evidence to most MSM outlets in Australia. Their tactic is to try to refuse acknowledgement of receipt, so they can’t be implicated. I have done the same with the Liberal Party, who engaged #Spygate. As we all know Liberals are resigning on-mass with no explanation given. The MSM knows and is completely corrupt.

The Deep State here has simply put a total embargo on #Spygate hoping that Trump would be assassinated by their American counterparts. Fortunately Trump has been insulated. Within the last week there was another attempt in Alabama with video available – it failed. I fully understand that my ability to work again is entirely dependent upon the Deep State being taken down in America and their subsequent overthrow here. Baring assassination this will occur.

The recent crucial and detailed Q Drops about the mass umbrella surveillance of us by the Deep State through Social Media has been completely ignored by the MSM. The importance of the Drops are profound and clearly so. The MSM are our enemies and as such they are in on this and need to kill it with silence. The MSM will pay for their cover-up of Q, the biggest anti-corruption intelligence/whistle-blower/information drop in world history.

Sadly, it seems as though Scott Morrison is Deep State too. He made a so-called ‘Captain’s Pick’ to make Ita Butrose the head of the ABC. The ABC will be very important in how the Deep State takedown proceeds here. If its total corruption can be exposed then a peaceful path to revolution can occur.

However obviously Ita is pure 100% Gold Standard Deep State who has had a lifetime of being beyond criticism. Her relationship with Kerry Packer will tell you all you need to know about her. Her role is to make sure the Deep State remains in power here and to attack Patriots who will expose the truth. It does not bode well for our task at hand. We will win, but it has just become more difficult and less peaceful. Her first press release involved talking about Feminist Barbie Dolls in her image. It was a projection to elites that she will enforce the Deep State narrative.

The period after Mueller, OIG and DECLAS will be the MOST dangerous. Any Deep State Asset left will enact any False Flag at their disposal to deflect. We really are at the end-game.

It is just so close now Patriots.

The flood of Deep State corruption is about to hit the fan.

Dark to Light.

I am inclined toward an Amnesty for six months with immunity for Deep State crimes here. The swamp is so entrenched, it is likely our best option. Failure to disclose equals life imprisonment at The Australian Treason Trials. All secret societies need to disclose members. Whistle-blowers will be heroes even if compromised. The parameters will be set by the public and the elites/MSM will have no participation in the framing. Elites will need to step-down from positions of authority. We shall see.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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