Post – 22nd February 2019 – B

22 Feb Post – 22nd February 2019 – B

Post – 22nd February 2019 – B

Upcoming sequence of events to takedown the Deep State

continued from part A

So the Red Line of Rosenstein being fired by Trump and consequently the Deep State waging street violence and insurrection has fallen flat. Rosenstein will leave the DOJ voluntarily and is to be replaced in one month. The new replacement is set in stone. Rosenstein can not change his mind. The MSM narrative to cause Civil War is cactus. It has whimpered out.

What happens after the Mueller Report?

Here is where the fun starts.

After the MSM meltdown, then they get hit by either Horowitz or the DECLAS. I am not sure which one is first.

Horowitz is of course from the OIG (Office of the Inspector General). In simple terms, he looks at possible corruption in the DOJ. He provides oversight of the processes of Mueller and Rosenstein above and beyond what Sessions, Whitaker or Barr can perform as heads of the DOJ. It’s like a secondary layer of protection.

Horowitz, of course, has a veritable shirt load of information on the conflicts and outright illegal activities of Mueller and Rosenstein in their attempt to get Trump. This report will be shocking. As Q points out, it must come out AFTER the Mueller Report is submitted. This is so Mueller can’t go back and change his findings.

Next FISA DECLAS hits. Spygate is shown in all it’s glory. Hangings will result. The British and Australian Governments are done. The MSM is humiliated worldwide. It will be glorious!

Lastly, Huber from Utah will prosecute. The indictments will slowly be publically opened.


To clarify:

1. Mueller Report

2. OIG Report


4. Huber prosecutes and indictments unsealed

5. Q takes a bow

6. Gitmo

7. The Great Awakening continues with exposure of all the Deep State’s Draconian and Evil ways

8. POTUS and Q Military Parade in DC on 11/11/19

9. MSM mostly broken up and sold off

10. We need to get off our asses and clean up AUS


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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