Post – 20th February 2019 – A

20 Feb Post – 20th February 2019 – A

Post – 20th February 2019 – A

Will chuck this Q Proof up on the Boards – love the maths


G’Day Patriots.

Time for some mathsfagging. Persevere to the bottom – it’s worth it.

Let’s test the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference between the Q Team Posts and POTUS tweets.

To put it another way; that there is an association between the two variables if the null hypothesis is valid or upheld.

This probability test will ONLY be for the three Q/POTUS [0] Delta events on 2/17/19. See simplified graphic on Q Post 2779.

On average POTUS tweets six times a day. A Delta occurs if Q Posts first, followed by POTUS.

The Q Post/POTUS Delta’s were 13, 33 and 35 seconds respectively on 2/17/19. Let’s say for easy maths sakes the average is 30 seconds.

Now the number of 30 second intervals in one day is 120×24.

There are six times on average each day that POTUS could hit a tweet in one of these intervals after a Q Post.

Hence the odds of one Q/POTUS 30 second Delta occurring is 1/(120×24) x 6.

Thence the probability of three exact co-incidental matches in a row is [1/(120×24) x 6]^3.

However for the first ‘hit’ (30 second delta), Q would have a target space of 6 POTUS tweets to choose from, but the second ‘hit’ wouldn’t have a 6-tweet target space, rather than a 5-tweet target space (seeing as 1 tweet has already been ‘hit’).

For the third ‘hit’, there are only 4 tweets left.

Thus, it isn’t [1/(120×24) x 6]^3 — it’s actually [1/(120×24) x 6] * [1/(120×24) x 5] * [1/(120×24) x 4].

To be precise, the probability of the null hypothesis being dismissed is one chance in 199,065,600.

Let’s round down and say the odds are one chance in one hundred and ninety nine million.

Conclusion – the null hypothesis reaches statistical significance and must not be rejected. It is upheld.

Statistical significance in science is usually set at p=0.05 or one chance in 20.

Whence, there IS an association between the Q Team and POTUS.

It’s blinking obvious.

President Trump and the Q Team ARE the same thing. The synchronicity is irrefutable.

My guess is if you multiply all the Q proofs since October 2017 together you will find that the odds of Q being a LARP is something approximating one chance in Graham’s Number.

I reckon the Q Team and President Trump are ROTFLTFAO.

Each time Q points out the astronomical mathematical impossibility of no association, this simply humiliates the MSM even more.

The MSM is purely unethical and morally bankrupt. Their attacks on Q can NOT be supported by FACTS. Sadly, they know it too.

Any shills here ought give themselves a swift uppercut.


I shall put this up on the Boards as an Anon. Hope I haven’t made any mistakes.

Thank goodness we have a forum where free speech is still available for humanity.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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