Post – 10th February 2019 – B

10 Feb Post – 10th February 2019 – B

Post – 10th February 2019 – B

4chan Anons

For those of you following the boards, you will have noticed that two Anons are getting reputations. They are CIAAnon and FBIAnon.

Notice that they have posted on halfchan and not 8chan.


Remember Q has always said – NO OUTSIDE COMMS.

Q only posts at Patriot Fight on 8chan.

So any intel coming from CIA and FBI insiders must be separate from Q. President Trump must be seen to be separate. Thus 4chan posting makes sense.

One week ago, FBIAnon posted about the Lieutenant Governor from Virginia having anally raped a fellow Democrat. I did not post this here, as I didn’t want to, because of the content, even though I knew FBIAnon was likely legit. Anyways just yesterday, this inside Intel hit the MSM with a vengeance, and is a frontline story across all platforms in the US. No question that FBIAnon is legit.

FBI Anon says that Comey and Brennan will hit the MSM by next Sat – 15th February (AEST). This involves indictments, arrests. Remember it could be a strategic Psyop for tactical reasons, so my Timefagging, is not certain. We shall see.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a white hat.

No question about this. She is pure MAGA.

AOC is actually super smart, not the rank imbecile on show. She was picked long ago for this role as a double-agent. Anyone who really watches her game can see that it harms the Deep State more than it helps. Her political platform and gaffs are just way too stupid.

Furthermore she was raised in a Conservative area, went to a posh school and was always known as Sandy. She has nothing to do with the Bronx. Her handler is Saikat Chakrabarti. I am not sure if SC is a white hat or being played by AOC at this point.

A great young Latina Patriot gives an outline here:

BTW – I reckon @MahgdalenRose is a Patriot Asset too. Nevertheless a smart girl with a big future.

So the Green New Deal (GND) is just a clear 10 year Communist Manifesto which is designed to wedge the Democrat Party.

The GND is a SJW dream. It is also total abject stupidity. Hilarious. It is so completely ridiculous I won’t bother dissecting it. Quite simply it has been constructed by the Military to take down the Demonrats and the Deep State.

It will move the Overton Window to the right and make President Trump even more popular.

Watch the GND and AOC destroy the MSM! It is the gift that will keep on giving.

The ABC here has just been delivered its dream, with policies it has always demanded. The GND will leave the ABC exposed as the Deep State Marxists they are. The ABC actually doesn’t want Green Policies put to the test.

The Great Awakening is a Comedy!

The big picture is that Trump is taking down the Deep State slowly and meticulously and thus will avoid bloodshed.

Anyways Q has returned today and is insinuating things will ramp up in terms of posts and exposure.

So much more research and digging required by all.

Remember it is up to us to fight evil. Impossible to achieve without the people taking responsibility.

No matter how far the info goes, my advice is to take it and dig deep.

This is bigger than you think. Much much bigger. Trust yourself.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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