Post – 5th February 2019

05 Feb Post – 5th February 2019

Post – 5th February 2019


Apologies, but I simply can’t resist linking to a black conservative Patriot.

As you are aware, I reckon I was the first person in the world to make a call that Obama, Killary, Brennan, Clapper etc etc had their twitter accounts controlled by the US Military (Marines). Only a fool by now would think that these media pimps would be dark/unsighted for two months and have absurd behaviour on their accounts without them having been taken over.

A few days ago I also said that Obama had been following a homosexual porn site for two weeks and it was ongoing.

Well to be sure there has been no change (at time of this blog post). Obama and the Democrats have done nothing about it. According to Patriots this porn site is also ‘racist’ with only whites featured. Too much.

Can you image if President Trump was following a gay porn/sex toy website for two weeks and nothing was done about it?

The MSM would have it as a front page story for weeks and it would be used to humiliate President Trump for years.

Can you say MSM hypocrisy? Can you say Military Tribunals/Grand Juries?


Recommend to be watched at least three times to fully understand the complex political issues involved:

Appreciate (hat tip); Semper Fi!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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