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03 Feb Post – 3rd February 2019 – B

Post – 3rd February 2019 – B


Background to Clinical Trial

The study was performed in Ukraine.

Using Fetal Stem Cells in all Western countries, including America, is strictly controlled and only available for research studies in very limited and supervised trials.

Ukraine is the only country in the world where the use of Fetal Stem Cells is available for the treatment of patients.

Essentially this trial obtains a number of babies in the 7-12 weeks age bracket. The researchers hacked the babies up and sucked out the brains and livers. They then snap froze them using cryogenics. Later the liver cells were injected peripherally, presumably into the patient’s cubital fossa and the brains were subcutaneously injected into the abdomen due to the fragility of the cells.

The number of smorgasborded babies used per person is not outlined due to the politically incorrect nature of revealing said information.

Obviously Ukraine engages in such trials because it is a pure Deep State country with morals consistent with the levels of endemic corruption. The Uki ethics committee for the trial was either pissed off their faces on local Vodka, or had been tossed a stack of Hryvnia’s, by Petro ‘Porky” Poroshenko.

Fetal Stem Cells are used; because Adult Stem Cells, Umbilical blood and Embryonic Stem cells are theoretically considered inferior. Similarly traditional blood drinking is considered less advantageous due to first pass metabolism in the liver.

Assessment of the paper at hand

There are two arms in the trial. One is essentially ‘treatment as usual’ with either Cholinesterase Inhibitors or blockers of glutamate NMDA receptors. The other is treatment as usual plus the Fetal Stem Cells.

Alzheimer’s Disease was assessed by DSM-IV TR with participants being of mild to moderate severity and then results measured by changes in the ADAS-cog screening tool.

Interestingly the Control Group is older, has more time since diagnosis, and lower cognitive abilities by MMSE at trial initiation than the Treatment Group. These mismatches are statistically significant.

The study is not a RCT (Randomised Control Trial) as there is no blinding, true randomisation and sham treatment.

The results do demonstrate statistical significance in terms of lowering ADAS-cog scores however they do not reach clinical significance. In Australia and most countries around the world, we do not continue pharmacological treatment of AD if the ADAS-cog does not improve more than four points with treatment.

Implications of paper

The Clinical Trial is not a Gold Standard RCT it is just a Comparative Study. The study has low numbers and a very loose methodology. The results do not meet clinical significance. The treatment arms were skewed to favour the Fetal Stem Cell treatment group. This may of been intentional or just fortuitous. The peer review has been poor with little attention to errors.

To be crystal clear.

This paper demonstrates NO evidence-based medicine indication for the use of Fetal Stem Cell treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.

If this is the treatment that RBG is receiving, then it is patently illegal and her doctor’s should be held to account.

Any Psychiatrist or Psychogeriatrician reading this ought present the paper at Medical Grand Rounds. The ethical implications are profound and worthy of discussion.

Obviously The Medical Council of NSW, a 100% proven Deep State entity, would politically endorse all cannibalistic medical treatments in Australia. They will deregister any doctor solely for expressing political views which support President Trump.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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