Post – 3rd February 2019 – A

03 Feb Post – 3rd February 2019 – A

Post – 3rd February 2019- A


Sounds a bit far fetched. Granted.

Potentially however there may be some flesh in the recent Q posts regarding RBG, which could point to something we ought be chewing over.

What initially struck me as odd was that quite soon after Q2653, there was an obscure Clinical Trial that appeared on FullChan and Voat (QRV).

As a Doctorfag, I decided to check it out, but soon found that I had an urge to Ralph all over my Laptop. I had briefly seen it a couple of years ago but had not looked at it detail.

It is self-evident that this Clinical Trial is a different beast altogether. Hence, although unlikely related to the Q drop mentioned above, I reckon exposing it to light, is right.

Remember the Deep State is doing everything to keep RBG alive. They want Third Trimester Abortion to be codified into Law (as per HRC) and most importantly the Military Trials canned, so they don’t get hanged.


I shall divide cursory analysis of this Clinical Trial into four parts:

A) Reasoning for and against an association with RBG

B) Background to Clinical Trial

C) Assessment of the paper at hand

D) Implications of said paper


Herein lies the Clinical Trial:

In short it outlines the use of Fetal Stem Cells to treat Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) by intravenous infusion.


Reasoning for and against an association of the Trial with RBG

To be sure, the Q Team has NOT given any indication at all of what type of disease RBG may or may not have. It is up to us to research, think laterally and hopefully learn along the way.

In yesterday’s blog posts, I outlined the character of RBG. There is no doubt given her Satanic ideology that injecting kiddies would be morally acceptable to her.

For AD

1. President Trump has tweeted as far back as 2016 regarding RBG’s cognitive decline. It is obvious for all to see that she has a few too many Roo’s loose in her top paddock.

2. The official story of a Pneumonectomy and R/O two malignant nodules in the lung is not transparent. It is rare to have two primary lung cancers occurring simultaneously. More likely are two secondary’s occurring from another primary lesion, such as the breast or bowel. Having histopathology performed on the lesions is mandatory, yet this has not been divulged. This is very odd.

3. Q alluded that the stated diagnosis is not correct. We know that Q correctly predicted John McCain’s death and that his brain tumour may have been a ruse.

4. Importantly, Q stated that RBG was receiving ‘off-market’ treatment. As a Doctor this is an odd term to use. We all use ‘off-label’ drugs to treat medical conditions at times. That is, medications which are not evidence-based, or as is the case in Australia, are not subsidised by the Government. As Specialists we will do this on occasion when other treatments have failed and the medication may theoretically be of benefit, or the patient is willing to pay. Personally, I will only use such meds in extenuating cases, however it is commonly done here. I can not speak to America.

‘Off-market’ treatments are those which are essentially banned in a specific country. This may be because of ethical considerations or toxicity/lethality.

Q insinuates that it is the Deep State that is treating RBG and hence the rogue CIA, likely SAD. Most certainly they would have access to said treatments, no matter how illegal. There is no problem with them getting radical for a Radical.

5. An Anon on the boards has mentioned that Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York has two floors which are sectioned off for ‘secret treatments’. RBG is being treated there and so it is possible that she could get Fetal Stem Cell infusions undetected.

Against AD

1. RBG has had major surgery with a sudden acute deterioration such that she cannot work at all. There are a whole host of post-operative complications which could have occurred, including poor cerebral perfusion causing cognitive impairment. Occam’s Razor applies. Any of these conditions can cause significant morbidity or mortality. Q accurately predicted the day before that RBG would NOT turn up for work – another Q proof.

2. ‘Ambrosia young blood infusions’ may be in play. That is, feeding RBG, teenager’s blood. This is not illegal as it is just blood transfusions, although it is ethically malignant. It is not ‘off-market’.

3. It is possible she is just drinking blood and eating kiddies as she has always done and there is no AD.

4. RBG may be receiving medication ‘off-market’ for symptom amelioration for any other putative diagnosis.

continued in part B



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