Post – 2nd February 2019 – D

02 Feb Post – 2nd February 2019 – D

Post – 2nd February 2019 – D

Abortion and the Satanic Deep State

So now we move to Virginia.

Here is Kathy Tran (Demoncrat) trying to obfuscate:

This is the pattern. Mass rush of leftist states to Third Trimester Abortions. All prior to RBG carking it.

Interestingly this woman filed the following bill on the same day as her Abortion Bill:

Can you believe this???? She files a Bill to save Cankerworms for four months of the year; and also files for Third Trimester Abortion on the same day!……Really?????

So this is where this is heading, thin end of the wedge for Satanists.

Herein lies the “research” of two Australian “Academics” with regard to After-birth Abortions (a misnomer if ever there was):

If you read their other articles, they reckon sentient humans begin at two years old when they can communicate. So infanticide is the next Feminist fight now; Marxism never ends.

So let’s see what happened recently with Virginia Governor (Demoncrat) Ralph Northam:

Yep, this guy got $2 million bucks from PP as a kickback. Therefore he is owned by the Deep State. He stated in testimony two days ago that having a discussion with parents for possible infanticide is ok post-birth.

Today he was found to have a photo of himself either dressed in blackface or a KKK uniform. It is major news in the US today. He admitted it was him. A Paediatrician calling for infanticide one day, now begging for his political life.

But there’s more:

So this guy produces an idiotic unsubstantiated Ad to attack Trump for racism and now is caught dressing as the KKK. Also now calling for infanticide and is a Paediatrician. Just your typical Deep State Satanist.

Just remember in Virginia there is one adoption for every 82 Abortions.

continued in part E

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