Post – 2nd February – 2019 – C

02 Feb Post – 2nd February – 2019 – C

Post – 2nd February 2019 – C

Abortion and the Satanic Deep State

So back to the here and now.

Last week New York State enacted the RHA – Reproductive Health Act.

This removed previous laws and put in their place Abortion to the Third Trimester. Only China and North Korea have such laws.

New York has one of the highest Abortion rates in America. One in three pregnancies are aborted. It is a very Liberal State. There were no barriers to having an Abortion in this State.

What are the changes?

1. Second Trimester Abortion to Third Trimester. ‘Third Trimester’ is not stated as to a definition in the new legislation.

However the Merck Manuel (American Textbook of Medicine) definition of Third Trimester is 25 weeks to end of Delivery. Delivery has three stages. Stage three is completed when the Placenta is delivered; which is after the baby. So according to the Merck Manuel (which was the Bible when I was in Med School) the Third Trimester ends after the baby is delivered.

Hence, after baby is out, you could clamp the umbilical cord twice, which is normal. Then, instead of severing the umbilical cord, you could inject some digoxin or high dose potassium into the baby (into a vein or directly into the heart – who cares), followed by severing the cord. Magic – dead baby in Third Trimester – legal. You could get funky and just cut the carotids or twist the neck. So many ways to skin a cat. Hey and as I said Politically babies feel no pain.

2. Abortion is necessary if to “protect the patent’s life or health’. Key word here is health. This can be mental health which includes economic impact of raising kiddie. In other words no reason is not adequate and if you don’t do as told by the patient you get sued cause you broke z law. Deliberately defined as broadly as possible.

3. Doctor is not necessary. Yep, you can perform a Third Trimester Abortion now if you are a Nurse or a Doctor’s ‘Assistant’……How can that go wrong?

The decision to have a baby delivered or alive can be made right up to the end of the Third Trimester as stated above. So mum is having contractions minutes apart, is in agony, has hormone levels at maximal flux, and demands to have bub terminated. No Psychiatrist present, just an ‘Assistant’…..How could that go wrong?

4. Not necessary to have a Paediatrician or any doctor available if the Abortion goes pear shaped. Legally baby can be left to die even if born alive. Nice.

5. Abortion need not be in a hospital. Third Trimester? Seriously?

6. Abortion removed from Penal Code, so if mum is kicked in the guts then it is not murder now, just common assault. Cool. Really groovy Feminist stuff.

7. And here is the clanger. NO medical records required for baby if born alive or dead. They are specifically NOT to be kept.

8. The premise is that the person attending “shall not discriminate, deny or interfere” with the woman’s “fundamental right” to Abortion. Conscious objection is “potentially illegal”. Hence if you are a Catholic Obstetrician, you now MUST do Abortions because of this new Law. Really?

Hmm……….I do not know of any congenital malformation that necessitates a Third Trimester Elective Abortion unless baby is dead on US. I am no Obstetrician, but my understanding is that Amniocentesis and Nuchal Translucency etc can be sorted easily early and decisions made then. Sure things like gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia can necessitate early delivery, but not early Abortion. Spontaneous Abortion due to malformations may occur at any time.

In New York, less than 1% of Abortions occur between 22 and 24 weeks. 24 weeks was the previous law endpoint for Abortion (end of Second Trimester). Where is the need for this new Law???

continued in part D


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