Post – 2nd February 2019

02 Feb Post – 2nd February 2019

Post – 2nd February 2019

The Great Awakening – update

Enjoying ‘The Show’ Patriots?

We are witnessing the greatest Political takedown of the most evil and entrenched enemy in history.

There are some key happenings coming up including the SOTU and the release of the Mueller Report. The Deep State has nothing left except a criminal MSM to back them. Trump is exposing the filth in the media and gradually setting them up for their eventual humiliating collapse.

Recent events:

1. Have no fear, Roger Stone is a Patriot. His hilarious raid by 17! armed vehicles is a sign Q has total control. Roger will be cleared when the whole Russian Collusion Delusion is exposed and turned back on the Deep State.

2. Adam Schitt has just found out that Trump Junior didn’t phone his dad after the Deep State tried to set him up. Too funny. Adam has no reason to conduct any investigation now. Adam has also lost access to kiddies. Shame.

3. There have been 339 Child Traffickers arrested in a California sting yesterday and many child sex slave victims saved. No mention in the MSM though. How odd. Demonrats really need that wall to be stopped – business just isn’t what it used to be. Shame.

4. Obama has started following fleshjack on Twitter last week. This is a homosexual porn site. Note fleshjack isn’t following Obama so it is not an autofollow. Patriots have been cacking themselves for one week on the boards. Everyone knows and yet Hussein has not changed it. Hilarious. The Marines are having a bit of fun with his account. Shame.

5. Hussein and Killary haven’t been seen for two months now. Two narcissistic media pimps not showing off for the camera’s. Very Odd. Shame. Clapper, Lynch, Brennan and Strzok all silent. Weird. Shame.


We really are nearing the end.

Eventually when the Military considers everything is in place, then all the drops will start, and all hell will break loose.

We all know the quantity and quality of evidence against these Satanists is so enormous there can be no escape. The number of traps that Trump has laid for the Deep State is so vast it is almost impossible to keep up. When they are sprung, the collective result will be an obliteration of evil.

I have been reading some stuff about how the Military approaches such a task as the complete takedown of an entrenched system.

It seems that the strategy must be slow and sure. If the stage is not set then the situation can become unpredictable. Uncertainty is increased if risks are taken and thus the takedown must be methodical. As I have said before, they want minimal casualties. The potential for mass bloodshed is real.

Interestingly President Trump made it clear yesterday that the ‘stage is set’, by repeating the phrase twice. We know what he means and it is a great sign.

As we all know, the ultimate key phrase will be ‘The Storm is upon us’. When this happens, hold onto your hats Patriots!

Many Patriots now consider there is a one year delta on many Q posts. Remember future proves past. Enjoy!

Good vs Evil.

We will win.

Take responsibility and do your part.

We are so very close to victory!

BTW – fantastic result from our Yellow Vest protest against the RBA at Martin Place. I hope to organise some more in due course. Networking was effective and bodes well for the future. Eventually we will become a force to be reckoned with. We are the future. Nothing will stop us.

Follow Q.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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