Post – 25th January 2019 – A

25 Jan Post – 25th January 2019 – A

Post – 25th January 2019 – A


Now give me some lateral here please as I work through a thread.

Let’s consider what you would do if you were John Brennan……?

Ok, so you were one of the masterminds of 9/11. You slaughtered two thousand of your countrymen and women for Deep State Geopolitical goals. Hmm…you instigated countless school false flags attacks and assassinated countless numbers of Patriots whilst running the CIA. You ran drugs, child sex trafficking rack-lines and you are an elite Paedophile. Recently you spied on a Presidential candidate to circumvent the democratic process, which is Treason, and finally you lied to Congress on multiple occasions occasioning blatant perjury. Oh and to be fair you are also a Psychopath.

You face certain death by hanging at a Military Tribunal as your Deep State pals have lost an unlosable election and Patriots have out manoeuvred you such that you have little options left.

What ought you do?

Before I get to John’s dilemma I will introduce SAD.

Remember how President Trump repeatedly tweets using the words sad or sadly….


Special Activities Division is a division of the CIA. It concerns itself with tactical and covert operations.

SAD is not answerable to Congress or the Senate. Technically it is under the President but in practice it has very little to do with POTUS. Essentially it is a rogue Deep State controlled Satanic killing machine with plausible deniability cover. Assets do not wear uniforms and secrecy is paramount.

So what does it do? Targeted killings, raids, ambushes, sabotage, guerrilla warfare, special reconnaissance, vote rigging, propaganda, and political warfare (internally and externally). It incorporates Psychological Operations (Psyops) targeting beliefs, emotions, reasoning and behaviours by using black operations, hoaxes and false flags. The CIA assets in the MSM provide narrative for the Psyops.

Alongside SAD is the Directorate of Operations or Clandestine Service. These entities work together and are ultimately run by the CIA head.

The SAD and DO are more feared than the KGB and much more Satanic. The SAD was an enforcement arm of the Deep State and was perfectly suited to all things that were Brennan.

Now I said “was”. President Trump has always been well aware of the actions of the SAD. However he had the US Marines and the NSA completely on-board. Slowly but surely he has taken down the SAD. Have you noticed that school shootings have gone quiet? Co-incidence? Narrative for gun control on the backburner?

The problem is that residual rogue elements of the SAD do still exist. There have been at least 12 assassination attempts on POTUS. See Dr Dave Janda. Some are obvious and you can read between the lines of events which were disrupted, whilst others are less overt and have been outlined by Q. Nevertheless Dr Janda (an insider) reckons there have been 12 as of August 2018. All of these would have come from SAD, whilst some were in Europe, from European DS Assets, as well.

To be honest, whilst I know Q and POTUS are in control, there has always been the risk of SAD getting lucky.

Without further adieu here is the basis for this ongoing thread:

(big shoutout to Greg and Mike for their Patriotic efforts) – both worthy of subscriptions

continued in part B


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