Post – 15th January 2019 – B

15 Jan Post – 15th January 2019 – B

Post – 15th January 2019 – B

The Great Awakening ‘Movie’ is turning into a Comedy!

continued from part A

Adam Schiff

Good ol’ Liddle Adam Shitt (as President Trump refers to him; the d’s are not typo’s), the Demonrat ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and Mass Paedophile extraordinaire.

As you recall, I discussed Adam a while ago with regard to The Standard Hotel in LA (the Paedophile playground of the Deep State Elites) in relation to Q drops.

Well….Poor Adam is not doing so well. He is a tad panicked. Today he madly tweeted that sex video’s can be faked (they can’t). Seems like he is worried someone else has discovered some of his collateral. Shame that.


Poor Dianne Feinstein. Seems she is twittering a storm as well. She is suddenly begging that Gitmo be closed down. Why would that happen after President Trump put $300 million in to upgrade?

I realise America has essentially gotten out of all the Middle East ‘Deep State’ Wars and hasn’t had any new customers for a while, with likely no more in the future. But hey, it’s prime vacation real estate DiFi! Best to keep it open and extend just in case. Who knows what it may come in handy for.

Puerto Rico

President Trump hasn’t taken a break for months, and worked over Christmas/New Year, despite the shutdown. Meantime the Demonrats went on a holiday to PR. Funny thing is, the word on the street was that white hats offered invitations to a ‘kiddie’ party there, to see who would take the bait. No boys and girls were supplied, just a little sting to see who showed. Their comms aren’t what they used to be.

Hot dogs

Now this would qualify as one of the all-time funniest President Trump trolls.


Back in the day, Barack ‘Bathhouse Barry’ Obama and Michelle ‘Michael Robinson’ Obama, secretly flew boys in from Chicago, to participate in a Private White House ‘kiddie Party’ for Elites. Barry billed the American taxpayer $65,000 for the supply of ‘hot dogs’ to the said ‘Party’. That is, he flew in hot dogs – which of course is not odd at all.

There are plenty of emails about these ‘gatherings’.

Here is an example:


Seems as though Elites are looking forward to seeing the ‘waitresses’ at a Private ‘hot dog’ Party in the White House. Strangely no waitresses actually attended. Surely they must have been gold encrusted, caviar coated dogs. I mean, that would really bring in these high society degustation connoisseurs.

So given these odd co-incidences; consider this video from today, where a winning football team (The Clemson Tigers), were visiting the Whitehouse for a Party:


Hmm…….so Trump throws a Party and spends less than $1000, of his own money, feeding a whole football team! He stresses he is so so interested in how much is left over. Like he really actually cares!

The NWO is going down.

The ‘Deep State’ Medical Council of NSW is crapping their Paedophilic Pants.

Good vs Evil.

Dark to Light.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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