Post – 11th January 2019 – A

11 Jan Post – 11th January 2019 – A

Post – 11th January 2019 – A

Mueller and Rosenstein

The Great Awakening has been a US Military controlled political Masterclass. Whole courses at University will be devoted to the tactics used to bring down the Deep State.

The political genius of President Trump is second to none in US Political history.

As explained early last year I felt that both Mueller and Rosenstein were white hats working for Trump against the Deep State. I still believe this to be true, however it is probably better to describe them as black hats turned white by Trump and therefore more accurately grey/white hats.

Trump is completely clean of any Russian interference or tax infringements. This is well known. He has been calling the special council investigation a ‘Witch Hunt’ repeatedly, because it is the hunt of an actual Witch – namely Killary. You’ll need to look up her activities as a Satanic Coven Witch if unaware, but I digress.

Mueller was the FBI Director for GWB and Obama and as such knows exactly where the skeletons are buried. Similarly Rosenstein’s wife worked as a lawyer for Killary and Obama, and knows everything too.

Trump has leverage on Rosenstein because he signed the FISA warrant and Mueller was caught bringing Uranium to Russian (U1) as well as 9/11 etc etc. So Trump has each of these guys fully compromised. They are carrying out the Plan for Trump to takedown the Deep State. Both are double agents. They will each receive Presidential pardons for their role in subsequently bringing down the whole edifice.

The enemy has no idea what is going on. They think they are ‘their’ guys. They are not. The purpose of the Mueller Special council is to exonerate Trump and buy him time to weed out corrupt bad actors from the DOJ, DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA and Military. Mueller has investigated both Trump and Killary. He has found nothing on Trump, because nothing exists. The MSM knows the whole process is a con because Trump is innocent but they thought getting to the midterms and stalling anything Trump does was sufficient.

Two process crimes against Papadopoulos and Flynn is all they have and both were obvious frame-ups. The MSM bought it all. They have put all their capital in Mueller and this will hit them hard when the truth is revealed. They will have no ability to counter because it would be going against their whole narrative to trust Rosenstein/Mueller for two years. Why would Trump hire these guys if he knew they were dirty?

Rosenstein will leave after the new AG, William Barr, is confirmed. There will be no violence on the streets as it will be voluntary. Mission accomplished. Whitaker could wrap-up Mueller any time he wants or limit the scope of investigation. He won’t. Whitaker knows the Witch Hunt is on.

The Military Tribunals are in progress. The secret Grand Juries are also continuing, which Jeff Sessions garnered the evidence for. Trump can Declas FISA and bring the House down whenever he wants. Many Congressmen will be arrested, almost all will be Demoncrats.

It will continue until legalities are sorted and then Trump will pull the trigger. The Deep State will be toast and the CIA controlled MSM will be too. The hypocrisy of the Mockingbird Media will be laid bare for all to see.

Enjoy the Show. Patriots are in full control.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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