Post – 10th January 2018 – A

10 Jan Post – 10th January 2018 – A

Post – 10th January 2018 – A

Child Sex Trafficking

The US Government has essentially been shutdown for the past 19 days because the Deep State will not allow it’s Child Sex Trafficking Rack Lines to be cut off by President Trump.

The Wall will cost a meagre US$5.7 Billion and would pay for itself inside one month given the drugs stopped alone. However the lucrative free flow of children, drugs and MS-13 paid operatives are too much for the Deep State to give up. Trump is boxing them in by making it known exactly what the Deep State are defending. He is also exposing the Fake News MSM for being Traitors and advocates of pure evil.

President Trump will let the shutdown continue as long as necessary. As I mentioned over six months ago, after drops from Q, he has the option of declaring a National Emergency and using the Defence budget to get the Army Corps of Engineers to build the Wall. This will likely occur. The Democrats will then have the legacy of openly enabling child sex trafficking. It is simply Good vs Evil.

The Medical Council of NSW

The Council, of course, cited my exposing of child sex trafficking rings by the Deep State, as the reason for needing to have my Right to Practice Medicine removed and forcing me into Bankruptcy. This ‘paranoia’, of the existence of said rings, along with discussing Q drops, the Council claimed, necessitated actions against me. These actions occurred, despite there being no evidence at all of any medical mistakes; only political opinion opposed to the Councils views.

The Council and Associates, are demonstrably proven to be pure Deep State Assets. Their actions have been consistent and unrelenting to date, despite inerrable evidence against their position. They are fully aware of the valid position in following Q, but politically must enforce retribution against any threats to the Deep State power structure in place. Their undertaking of the Political Abuse of Psychiatry is fact and will be judged historically as such. It will be a blight on the Medical Profession in Australia forevermore.

To be sure, herein lies two video’s demonstrating the existence of these depraved networks protected by a long succession of US Deep State Administrations:

Politician’s in Australia will be apoplectic at the International take down of Deep State Child Sex Trafficking Rack Lines by Patriots under the Executive Orders of President Trump. Make no mistake, they are furious.

Let the Worldwide Great Awakening begin.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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