Post – 28th December 2018

28 Dec Post – 28th December 2018

Post – 28th December 2018


Very odd happenings on Cabal Social Media accounts.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, John Podesta, John Brennan, James Comey and James Comey have still have not posted Christmas messages.

This in itself, of course can be easily explained, that they are busy. But it is very unusual, given who they are, and the fact that it is now getting a great deal of traction. Yep, lots of people talking about it now.

However the oddest change by far is that Hillary has changed her Twitter settings to allow DM’s (Direct Messages).

Famous Politician’s simply don’t do this. Not at all. The consequence is that her account is getting smashed with millions, yes millions, of vulgar insults. She has never done this before and quite frankly it is very strange.


There are four explanations:

1. She is cognitively impaired/computer illiterate and very obstinate.

2. Her Personal Assistants who tweet for her are incredibly incompetent.

3. Her Team are after attention and letting it happen. Playing the victim. There is no way they are not aware of millions of profane insults spamming her account.

4. The Military/NSA has control of her account.


We shall see in the fullness of time, if her arrest has been made. The longer this goes on the more likely.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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