Post – 22nd December 2018 – C

22 Dec Post – 22nd December 2018 – C

Post – 22nd December 2018 – C


You can hear the screams of pain from Ultimo as the Deep State carefully engineered sectarian bloodbath has been crushed by President Trump.

After the ABC and their fellow Satanic Media outlets have propagated war after war in the Middle East, they must be mightily fuming.

The years of propaganda and lies told to:

– propagate 9/11 BS

– destabilise the ME by perpetual war

– create and arm ISIS

– cultivate opium poppies for export

– force mass immigration to Europe

– churn profits for the MIC

– prepare pipelines for geopolitical hegemony

– impose the Petrodollar

– explode hatred against the West

– takedown Christian Russia

and satiate the need for death have all been well…..TRUMPED!


Sorry ABC. You guys must be apoplectic. All that Deep State effort being thwarted by the forces of Good. Shame.




Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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