Post – 22nd December 2018 – B

22 Dec Post – 22nd December 2018 – B

Post – 22nd December 2018 – B

General Flynn

Sentencing of Patriot General Flynn was put off for another three months. The hearing seemed very odd at first but Anon’s on the Boards have figured out what indeed happened.

Judge Sullivan, of course, made a very bizarre statement that General Flynn had committed Treason. The MSM went nuts and sent it viral. However, after a Court recess, Judge Sullivan came back and completely recanted his statement and profusely apologised. He said he got the dates wrong and figured out that General Flynn was free to do as he wished as he had not begun his new role in the incoming administration.

This mistake was so idiotic that no one could understand how such an esteemed Judge could make such an unbelievably humiliating call in the biggest case of his career.

What seems most apparent however, is that it was not a mistake. The Judge very likely wanted to make the association between working as a Foreign Agent and Treason, which had arisen at the Clinton Foundation Trial a few days beforehand. The MSM took it in and can’t backtrack now.

Furthermore, it was stated that General Flynn is giving evidence to a secret Grand Jury and his lawyers wanted this to continue. He requested to not be sentenced! His previous NDA’s (Non-disclosure Agreement’s) are void if he remains under investigation. The NDA’s from his work with Clinton/Obama continue (ie: he is muzzled) if the investigation of him stops.

End result. General Flynn is able to continue giving evidence against the Deep State. He will be exonerated in time.

Unlimited Migration to Western Countries is a Human Right

This little Deep State caper was slipped in unknowing:

However some rather powerful Generals/Admirals and a former Defence Minister were not fooled:

Don’t you be fooled as well. The Deep State doesn’t just want France to be undermined and weakened so they are ripe for subjugation – they want it here too.

Anti-Lynching Act passed by the Senate

Not bothered to pass this for over 200 years and now it is suddenly Law?

I agree we ought not Lynch anyone. Definitely. But why would Politician’s find this so important now? Anyone would think there might be a #greatawakening

Morocco Video

Do not watch this if you come across it online. I have experienced countless hours in Surgery and also trauma in the Emergency Department. Nevertheless I still found this dissection hard to bear. It is awful, you don’t need to see it.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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