Post – 16th December 2018

16 Dec Post – 16th December 2018

Post – 16th December 2018

The Deep State/MSM are being played

No huge BOOMS at the Congressional Oversight Hearing, or was there?

Now as we know, Q told us just beforehand that Huber was pulling out and not appearing. Unfortunately, this was after my last post. Huber did not go and testify. However there was plenty of incriminating evidence buried under the surface from the so-called whistle-blowers.

Importantly the Deep State expended more ammo, or conversely, demonstrated that it has little left. The MSM of course, did not turn up to the Hearing; they were always going to kill any reveals with stone cold silence – their chairs were empty. The only distraction the Deep State could co-ordinate were multiple bomb threat hoax emails. The MSM concentrated on this as the Hearing ensued.

Huber trolled everyone by attending a Gaol in Utah and discussed the high recidivism rates of Paedophiles, and the need for incarceration to be the mainstay of child protection. Nice strategy. The MSM of course ignored it as well.

The Hearing identified that Huber was involved in other Grand Jury prosecutions and therefore could not present findings on the Clinton Foundation at this point without jeopardising the other probes. Shame.

So what did we learn?

1. There was a Law Firm of forensic accountants/lawyers who have sourced 6,000 documents in an attempt to file a Qui Tam Lawsuit against the Clinton Foundation. This type of action is undertaken by experts who examine evidence and submit it to Law Enforcement agencies with the expectation that they will receive a percentage of the lost taxation revenue the entity has illegally not paid. Very lucrative here for them given the CF has apparently not reported up to 2.5 Billion dollars of donations.

2. The CF was in the experts opinion, acting as a FOREIGN AGENT not a charity. BOOM! In other words there was pay-to-play by foreign governments to get classified intel or tech in return for the Clintons receiving huge kickbacks. Uranium One likely is also at hand. Startling news. Should be full front page stuff on every newspaper across the nation. Didn’t see it? Hmm….

3. There is also a current active CRIMINAL Grand Jury in place against the Clinton Foundation by the DOJ/FBI in Little Rock, Arkansas! BOOM! Remember the 757 planes I mentioned several months ago flying into Little Rock and removing shirt loads of files, well this entailed exactly what I suggested – an investigation of Hillary and Bill. After doing a bit of digging it seems that the Prosecutor is likely the Arkansas Attorney General, Corey Hiland. Expect to hear a lot more about this bloke in the near future. The MSM has ignored this bombshell and will be held account by Q/Trump in the future. They are being played for their corruption/collusion.

4. Hillary and Bill used the monies as a Personal slush fund.

So what does this mean for Australia? Well, the Clinton Foundation is now being investigated for Major Crimes and we have sent these chumps megabucks to steal. Notice why the Liberal Party Politician’s and MSM, whom I wrote to in detail, completely ignored this. This was the Deep State in big trouble and they needed to kill it. Nice one guys.

Hopefully the MENA drug importation racket will be addressed too, but it may not be in the Grand Juries scope/terms of reference at this point.

Patriot General Michael Flynn

Ok, so remember my posts over several months ago, discussing the fraudulent 302’s written by the DOJ against General Flynn. Well it seems that Judge Sullivan is right onto it now and will discuss it at sentencing on 18th December. My guess is that it will be shown conclusively that General Flynn was framed and almost bankrupted by Strzok’s falsified documents. Flynn was blackmailed by threats against his family via Mueller to plead guilty to a framed non-crime. Sullivan will be pissed and might even recommend prosecution of Mueller! This would be the end of the Russian Special Council. Checkmate.


Did you hear that Christopher Steele admitted under oath in the UK yesterday that Hillary commissioned the Steele Dossier and paid for it? You know the one used to start the whole Russian Collusion Delusion. Nope? Well that tells you everything you need to know about the MSM.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor







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