Post – 11th December 2018 – A

11 Dec Post – 11th December 2018 – A

Post – 11th December 2018 – A


Paul really was our very best Globalist.

He was just so good that the MSM considered him to be beyond criticism. Indeed the ABC would broadcast non-stop opinions that he was a Demi-God. He truly was exceptional.

The 80’s were quite something. We had the introduction of Identity Politics writ large. Yep, our division today across so many ideological agenda’s was due to the enforced policy of the 80’s. The destruction of our sovereignty was a fantastic Globalist success. We were all dragged along, but there was no kicking and screaming, as that was not allowed.

Paul was ” The Greatest Treasurer in the World”. The Elite Internationalist Banksters got together and voted Paul number one. It was quite the honour. What did Paul do to deserve such an accolade from these marvellous people who had our best intentions at heart? He completely deregulated the Banking System. Yep, total free for all. This was great. Banks increased their profits exponentially and have done just so well until today. No End the Fed here under Paul’s watch. The dollar was floated. Farmers were ruined. The J-curve never happened and the Current Account Deficit went gangbusters.

The main Globalist policy however was of course, mass immigration. All Western Countries, and only Western Countries, needed to have this as it was most important. Society had to change. The Elites in the MSM told us it was inevitable so there was no point arguing. It was all going to be environmentally, socially and economically so much better. Australian’s were all Racist and that had to be stopped. Examples were made of ignorant dissidents. Years later, Bob Hawke, gave a speech in Brisbane boasting about how mass immigration had been implemented against the will of the majority of Australian’s by Politician’s and the media. The MSM ignored it. It mattered not. The Globalists had won.

Paul was of course very much gay. I have zero problem with that at all, as do most people nowadays. However in the 80’s it was a very big deal indeed. The Press Gallery knew. All Pollies knew. But the public had no idea at all. The MSM agreed collusively to prevent the public from knowing. It was a full media blackout. He would have been slaughtered by the Catholic lobby, which was his base, at the polls, if it was known. The Labor Party apparatchiks called him “Captain Wacky” for briefly advocating gay marriage to them, which was rapidly covered-up. What this meant was that Paul was compromised. Anyone with clout, foreign or domestic, could of used this leverage to advantage for any means against our Country. He said the Reserve Bank was “in his pocket”, but it may well have been the other way around. Not an ideal situation at all. Not at all.

Then there was the Kirribilli Deal. Some considered if there were handlers for our Elite Pollies. It was a strange way for Democracy to work. But everything was ok, cause the MSM weren’t worried at all – it was a silly notion.

Paul continues to be an avid Globalist.

Image result for paul keating red shoes

He continues to live with his homosexual lover in Potts Point and has done so for decades. My apologies if they are married now. I hope they are happy.

Paul always was quite the fashion expert. He was famous for his imported Italian suits. Not sure the red shoes match though.

Anyways, what I don’t understand and find very confusing, is why Fiona Bartlett may not like him very much. Odd.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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