Post – 8th December 2018 – B

08 Dec Post – 8th December 2018 – B

Post – 8th December 2018 – B

Government Corruption and Collusion occasioned by The Medical Council of NSW

continued from Part A

The reason the Council has engaged in such egregious behaviours against the basic Liberties and Freedoms of an Australian Citizen is because they know they are backed-up by Deep State Politician’s and a compliant MSM.

The Council has very intelligent individuals who have access to Government Legal Teams, Politician’s/Intelligence Organisations and any amount of resources required. The Council knows full well that the Blogs/Research cited to be “Psychotic” are based on American Military Intelligence disseminated from the Trump Administration. They know their claims of a “paranoid conspiracy” are untrue and politically/morally despicable.

The Council/Government/Liberal Party is fully aware of the authenticity of QAnon; and the QAnon following of hundreds of millions of politically savvy, motivated researchers. The Council reads my blogs and is acutely aware of my allegations against the Council. The Council is also aware of the existence of criminal networks of child traffickers/paedophiles and the Clinton Foundation crimes against children. Similarly they are aware that political claims of Clinton Foundation theft of Australian monies and FISA abuses by the Australian Government/Liberal Party are historically significant and patently valid discourse. Nevertheless the Council has continued their actions against me.

The Council have enforced grotesquely punitive actions, not because they believe the blogs/research are “Psychotic”, but because the information is explosive and opposes the Deep State system which they are entrenched in, and benefit from. The Council does genuinely hate President Trump because they see him as a threat to their control and Political philosophy. Censorship is their right and prerogative.

Hence the Council engages in what it has always done. It punishes whistle-blowers and dissenters. It acts as a bulwark to cover-up heinous crimes which are perpetrated against humanity. They know they are committing historical dictates which are consistent with The Political Abuse of Psychiatry. They care not one jot. They have had the opportunity to stand-down for almost one year – they have chosen not to do so. They are the Deep State.


Tucker Carlson: Ruling Class Consider Themselves Gods, They Render Their Own Judgement:


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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