Post – 8th December 2018 – A

08 Dec Post – 8th December 2018 – A

Post – 8th December 2018 – A

Government Corruption and Collusion occasioned by The Medical Council of NSW

Herein lies the incendiary practices engaged in by The “Deep State” Medical Council of NSW/Goskomizdat against me:

1. Labelling a Doctor “psychotic” for blogging/researching a “paranoid conspiracy” involving American Military Intelligence disseminated by President Trump/QAnon.

2. Bankrupting/removing the right to practice medicine of a Doctor based solely upon the Political opinions of the Doctor.

3. Following through on actions mentioned in 1 and 2 despite multiple written warnings of the clear “Political Abuse of Psychiatry” the Council was committing commiserate with historical occurrences in Communist States.

4. Continued actions/intimidation in order to Censor/Suppress the Political opinions of a Doctor. This includes multiple international crimes including those committed as an Act of War against the Peoples of The United States of America by the Australian Government/Liberal Party via FISA abuses and insertions of Intelligence Assets.

5. Protection for “Crimes against children”.

6. Use of the same Government Department (Pharmaceutical Regulations Unit), implicated in collusive practices to instigate the Political Abuse of Psychiatry against a Doctor; to also breach the confidentiality of the same Doctor.

7. To intimidate a Doctor to prevent the use of free speech in Journalism for exposing Grand Human Rights Crimes via QAnon.

8. Intimidating a Doctor to prevent the dissemination of political information via a Journalistic source namely, Infowars/Alex Jones.

9. Intimidation of a Doctor to prevent dissemination of the multiple crimes of the Clinton Foundation including the defrauding of monies from the Australian taxpayer.

10. Laughably corrupt invention of completely false smears without any evidence provided whatsoever including claimed alcoholism.


The Medical Council of NSW has recently informed me that they will prosecute for full Deregistration at a formal Legal hearing next year. Currently my right to practice has been removed. Their only evidence for said actions, aside from my Political beliefs, are four self-prescribed scripts of section 4 medications (the who cares less one’s) over several years.


The relevant breach occurs in Good Medical Practice – guidelines March 2014:

9 Ensuring doctors’ health

9.1 Introduction

As a doctor, it is important for you to maintain your health and wellbeing. This includes seeking an appropriate work-life balance.

9.2 Your health

Good medical practice involves:

9.2.1 Having a general practitioner.

9.2.2 Seeking independent, objective advice when you need medical care, and being aware of the risks of self-diagnosis and self-treatment.


Ergo, because I did not have a GP and prescribed for myself –  I have by definition committed bad or not “good” medicine. Hence that constitutes Medical Misconduct.

BOOM – they have got me on a technicality!

Bugger the fact that most doctors have no GP, and almost all prescribe for themselves and family. This is completely legal, we are doctors. Similarly most doctors prescribe much more than I did over the years targeted by the (Pharmaceutical Regulations Unit) PRU. Unbelievable.

This is what is called a wrap-around smear in Politics. You desperately and deliberately search for a smear using any method possible. In this case a confidentiality breach of my private medical records, and then use the findings to retrospectively make a case against your enemy. Nice. The methods used are justified by the results. The ends justifies the means.

Continued in Part B:





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