Post – 7th December 2018 – B

07 Dec Post – 7th December 2018 – B

Post – 7th December 2018 – B

General Flynn

The Plan has been meticulous in it’s preparation and execution. No doubt the Q Team is an elite branch of Military Intelligence which has the cream of the counterintelligence forces including General Flynn.

The role being played by General Flynn will be dissected in history books and will be favourably admired by Patriots worldwide. Many do not realise that he has been financially destroyed and his family repeatedly threatened; as he has confronted the fraudulent Mueller probe.

This so-called investigation has now come to its conclusion. Mueller has nothing left. Flynn, Stone, Manafort, Corsi, Cohen – are all pretty much finalised. Mueller has zilch on President Trump because their was no Russian Collusion. The MSM has well known this for over two years. They are corrupt and will be seen to be. This is their mea-culpa moment.

As I have mentioned many times before I still feel Mueller is a white hat. It makes more sense. The DOJ/FBI has engaged in disgraceful behaviours with the Special Council to “get Trump”. They have been so over the top that they will indeed demonstrate that the full proctoscopic examination completely exonerates President Trump and more importantly allows the MSM no quarter in complaining when the axe falls on their hero’s. It was a sting which the Deep State couldn’t fend off. All of the Trump associates will be cleared of their non-existent fraudulent misdemeanours via “The fruit of the poison tree” legality when the FISA falls.

Lets look at the Flynn case. Now Michael Flynn has intimate knowledge of all the criminal activities of Obama and the Clinton’s. However he has a number of non-disclosure agreements accrued throughout his working career which precludes him from testifying. Remember several months ago I mentioned Stzrok falsified 302’s and Mueller accused Flynn of lying and therefore committing a process crime? This falsification was used to force a plea deal by Mueller. Problem is, this is what Flynn wanted because now he is free to spill all the beans as the NDA’s are wiped with the plea bargain. He can tell the Judge everything to get a lighter sentence. The MSM will not tell you this, but he has already been actively giving information to at least two other Grand Juries after he filed the plea! The Mueller sentencing memo clearly alludes to this. He has sacrificed himself for the greater good.

It is also likely that Flynn has used his tech intelligence and team to stop the leaks and allow Huber to prosecute the Clinton Foundation without hindrance. Once it is found out that Flynn was actually the one spied on by the two hop Carter Page FISA fraud, the whole farce will be apparent. Flynn will be free and the Clinton’s won’t. Just remember the FISA works both ways. Did you see the Cabal at the Funeral passing notes cause their comms are stuffed? They look defeated as! Everyone knows it. CNN has gone full super BS mode. Very soon they will be eating truck loads of humble pie and eventually dissolved. The FBI email chain on the FISA corruption will be epic. It will be so patent even CNN will have to cover it.


This has nothing to do with fuel taxes. The French are protesting Globalism and even Pedophilia. In the next few months there will be a major shift in the world power structure away from the Cabal.


The US is extraditing the Huawei CFO from Canada. This is because she broke the sanctions against Deep State Iran. Xi is sending a message that he does not really care and that the Deep State is being drained in China too. BTW – Alexander Downer was on the Board of Huawei – odd that.

Clinton Foundation Audit

Please remember I wrote to both my Liberal Party Constituent members requesting an Audit of monies (A$88 million) sent to the Clinton Foundation. They refused. This will become very significant rather soon. Globalists do as Globalists are. Can you say international racketeering and kick backs? Let’s see who is corrupt and labels psychosis for Political gain. This is personal – as if you didn’t know.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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