Post – 7th December 2018 – A

07 Dec Post – 7th December 2018 – A


Post – 7th December 2018 – A

Very Simple Memes


Globalists/Cabal/Internationalists are Socially Cultural Marxists and Economically Corporate Fascists. They control The Greens, Democrat Party, Labor Party, Liberal Party (mostly) and Nationals (mostly) in Australia – The UniParty. The only Party not controlled is One Nation, which is why Pauline Hanson was framed and put in Gaol. The MSM all collusively supported this action to deter Patriots exposing the Satanic edifice. I am not saying I personally support Pauline Hanson though, as I do have significant differences of opinion, with her views and actions. Ultimately Independents rather than ‘The Party” System lessens the likelihood of corrupt momentum.

Multiculturalism and mass immigration

Simple hierarchy

Secret Societies

All criminals should be behind bars

All countries have Deep State controlled fiat money printing presses – ours is The Reserve Bank of Australia (A Private Bank – it is NOT Public at all – it prints money, or creates it on a ledger and then charges us interest on it!)

Social Justice Warriors

Non-Cabal thoughts/opinions are actively punished at School’s/Universities

The MSM is completely Cabal controlled worldwide and deliberately tells the opposite of the truth. It is the Enemy of the Australian People and exists to weaken us and ultimately to enslave.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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